Friday, April 8, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I am doing the one-legged happy dance. Yesterday I received a birthday package from my brother Pat. Real quick, Pat now lives in Montana and owns the A Able Fishing Guide. Before that though he and his wife Toby lived in Alaska. Pat is an avid bow hunter and while in AK was the Northern District Director of the Bow Hunting Association. I told you all of that so when you see what he sent me for my birthday it will all make some sense. I truly miss hunting and trekking with Pat. He is so much fun.

OK the first beautifully wrqaped package I opened is ohhh so me

 This guy is all jointed and swings his arms and leg.
It is a key chain now but it will become something I can wear.

This next gift is just too close to my spirit. A bear tooth and a moose ivory
OKaayyyy come on you all know I love bones, and teeth, and well animal parts.

See how big this is over 3 inches long

Over the years Toby has been sending me all of the beads from her families Montana homestead. I have shared these with you in past posts. Here is the box I received with my birthday gifts. I haven't had a chance to go through it all but wowowow look at this!!!

Hey if you are in Lakeside Montana, near Kalispell, this summer be sure to book a fishing trip with my brother Pat. I promise you will have soooo much with him.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. It was your birthday? Oh I'm sorry. Happy Belated Birthday to you Nicole!! Yay, Happy Birthday! Those are great gifts. Wow, quite a few things there.You will be having fun for some time. Enjoy dear and hope you are doing well. Hope your foot is better too. Just remember that sometimes I don't stop by but I do keep you in mind. Take care.

  2. Wow Nicole! That is quite the treasure trove. I love it--That skeleton is the Bomb!!

  3. Beautiful treasures, Nicole! I hope you share with us what you create!

  4. Nicole..goodness,if my son saw your skeleton,he'd come "borrow" it!! Fabulous treasures you have..thanks for sharing!!

  5. What a wonderful brother you have to send you such awesome treasures! I hope you had a beautiful birthday my friend. Happy belated Birthday!!
    ((HUGS))& ((SMOOCHES)) :)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Nicole! I hope you had a wonderful day! What a lovely box of birthday treasures for your to create with. Hugs, Lisa


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