Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Today is an amazingly beautiful day. The sun is out and it is even warm. Mike and I took a drive up to Reedsport and then over to the Elk viewing area. I have photos for you later on. First I want to tell you that I receive between 50 and 300 emails a day. These are not spam. These are people writing to ask about beading, leather work, carving, writing, taxidermy, (yes I even do that) vegetarian recipes, herbs, lupus, and I can't think what else. Today the main question has been.... Does Triz use your bead backing? I can happily say answer, "yes". Triz has been using my Nicole's BeadBacking for many years for all of her flatwork and bead embroidery pieces. The next question has been, Can I buy a single sheet? the answer is "Yes" if you go to my website you can purchase single sheets. Nicole's BeadBacking now comes in 15 different colors. You can purchase a sample package of all 15 colors in about 3x4 inch squares. Some bigger some smaller. Nicole's BeadBacking also comes in 12x9 inch sheets and 9x6 inch sheets. I stand by my Nicole's BeadBacking for quality, colorfast, and natural material that is the best for beading, doll making, handbags and a host of other arts n crafts. The bonus is my Nicole's BeadBacking is less expensive than others on the market. The sample pack is just $6.00, 12x9 is just $2.50 each and the 9x6 is just $1.50 each. I will soon have a booklet out showing the amazing things you can create with Nicole's BeadBacking. So head over to for single sheets or to my Beadwright Etsy store for packs of all sizes.

All 15 colors. White through black.

 Sample package

 Here is a good idea of the size you will receive in the sample pack

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  1. Owwww..I'm going to have to hide my pickle jar and save so I can get one of the sample packs. Love them!!!


    Excited to see the's so much fun to take a trip and never leave home ^_^

  2. I just want to take this opportunity to leave a comment re: Nicole's superlative service. I ordered beadbacking for the first time when Nicole was at her brother's during his last days of his illness. Nicole did get back to me right away to say that I got my order in just before she put her store on a hiatus due to her being away, and said that her husband would be sending my order. I would have happily waited until she returned, but she wanted to get the backing to me. He sent it with all the correct colours I had ordered, even though he deals with colour blindness and some of the colours were hard to distinguish. The quality of the beadbacking is outstanding, I can do many hours of handling the backing while beading and it stands up to it.
    If you're considering buying Nicole's beadbacking, please do not hesitate to do so, you will not be disappointed by anything to do with your order.

  3. Judy said it perfectly!!!! but I will add... If you ever stopped selling your beadbacking I would curl up into a ball and cry!!!
    I love your beadbacking, and wouldn't/couldn't use anything else!!! the quality, colours, everything about it is perfect!!! not only do I use it for my beadembroidery, but I now started using it as backing to give more stiffness to my leather bags (tutorial in the making)!!! thank you Nicole for your wonderful product, perfect customer service and most of all for your friendship!!!!


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