Friday, December 17, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I need to get things done early today. I am meeting my bead pals for lunch. We have all been so busy that our lunches have been limited so this should be fun today.
In the meantime I have been chatting with Sue Horine. If you don't know who she is then you need to know her. I did an interview of her and she was the featured artists on my website a while back. Her beading has won awards and well she is just a really nice person. So I find that Sue opened a bead store last year!!! Yeah Sue..... Now I do plan, on one of my road trips, to make it over to Sues stores. She has the small space set up beautifully. There are just some people who have that talent. You know to take a space and make it work, make it attractive and Sue Does. So where is Sue's new bead store? She gave me directions.
 I guess you could say that my shop is located in the Sierra foothills about an hour east of Stockton on Highway 4.  Or about 10 minutes east of the junction of Highway 49 and 4.  Look for the big nursery greenhouse of Murphys Nursery.
The actuall address is Murphys Bead Gallery
88 West Hwy 4
Murphys, CA
If you are in her area please stop in to say hi and buy some beads!!!
Soooo do ya wanna see some photos????

See I told you this is a very nice bead store.

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  1. Oh My! I really like the looks of her shop. Wish i lived close enough to visit! ROAD TRIP anyone?

  2. Hi Nicole. Yes, very nice bead store. Congrats to your friend and maybe someday you will do the same. Have a great day and if I don't get back to you, Happy Holidays!

  3. Hey Lori you can drive over her spend the night. Then we could head to CA. Sounds like a good trip for the summer.

  4. What a lovely shop! It looks like a warm and wonderful space, somewhere to lose yourself for a few hours :-) I think you definitely need to make a road trip to visit Sue very soon, Nicole! B. -xo-

  5. Beautiful store!! I so wish that I lived closer to go too. When you and Lori take that road trip remember to post photos for those of us stuck at home..LOL!!!

    Have a great weekend Nicole!!


  6. Oh I would love to visit her store with you. It looks sweet and fun to shop at.


  7. Gorgeous store, beautifully arranged! Lots of luck to Sue!


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