Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Did you ever wake up and think, "Why in hell do I try so hard, work so hard, and put out so hard with little in return?" That is how I have been feeling the last few days. I am sure it is the stupid dark weather, and the fact that the year of my sister's passing is coming up. So I am having a pity party... we all do it and sometimes we need it, right? (Awwwhhhh come on someone out there validate my feelings..LOLOLOLOL)
Soooo that is how I was feeling when I got up this AM. Knowing that I have leather to soak and stretch, painting to do and some Miss Skullys to send to the Portland art gallery, I dragged my slippered feet to the coffee maker and poured a cup.  I checked my email and then my blog. I saw that I had a huge surprise. Lisa Criswell wrote about me and Nicole's BeadBacking. It isn't that she is promoting something I care about very much. Instead she made me think that what ever I do, however I do it, and how much energy I put into it, I need to always do my best, get off the pity wagon and on with it. It isn't so much how hard I work, rather how I present what I do. How I will be thought of or remembered. Am I living my life with honor and integrity. I can only hope I am.
Thanks Lisa for giving me the jolt I needed today. Thank you for honoring me. Thank you for the smile you brought to my face.
Now for all my cyber friends, old and new, I send you blessings for this day. Blessings of love. Blessings of the knowing that each and everyone of you mean so much to me. The year is ending and I am hoping that this new year brings all of us what we need and desire.
Please visit Lisa's blog and be sure to tell her Nicole sent you.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Hi Nicole
    I was having those same feelings and just recently came out of it. I am back to my old self and I am glad you are too!
    Merry Christmas

  2. I'm now unemployed for almost one year and I'm tired of all of this. So I exactly know what you feel.


  3. how lovely and special!!! see, Karma always comes back tenfold!!!
    Christmas Blessings!!

  4. It isn't hard especially during this time of year to have these feelings...I am so amazed and inspired how you manage to keep going after all you have been through this past year. You are an amazing, strong woman and you make me want to work harder in my own artistic pursuits.

  5. You have certainly been through more than most this past year, my friend. No doubt this time of the year is difficult for you...and of course the awful weather doesn't help! I know that 2011 will be a better, happier year for you. There are brighter things on the horizon, Nicole! Sending you smiles and blessings and sunshine. B. -xo-


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