Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I am not anywhere near 100% but as they say, "the show must go on."  If you are in the Reedsport, OR. area stop by the Mind Power Art Gallery I will be there with some of my beaded jewelry. Tonight is when Reedsport businesses stay open late so those who have to work can do some Christmas shopping. All the stores and shops will be open late and I was invited to partake. So stop by  at
417 Fir Avenue
Reedsport, OR.

I received an email from my good friend Lori Cook wanting to know what was up with me?  Ohhh loaded questions there LOL. She wanted to know why I had not shared any of the beading I have been doing. Hmm I guess I was just too busy trying to get it finished up. So here is one piece that I am actually keeping for myself. For those of you who don't know, besides beads, leather work is my next passion. So I thought of combing my traditional background with  contemporary beadwork. I have been doing that with Porcupine Quill as well. I show you those later. Here is my new winter bag. This is brain tanned deer hide and is soooo soft. It's like putting your hand in a bag of flour. Silky soft.
Hope you like it. Everyone have a great day.

It all started with this Peacock Swarovski Rivoli

 Cut the leather

 and end up with this

 All hand cut and hand stitched with leather thong that I cut

 Bad photo but this button is part of an antler I cut, shaped and drilled.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. WOW! What a gorgeous bag! I would keep it too! Wishing you many sales tonight!


  2. Oh that bag is so to die for!!!! What amazing work! I can't seem to stop staring at it!

    Your show will be a great success I just know it and I am so jealous that all those shoppers have the opportunity to see your fantastic creations up close!

    Hugs and Blessings my dear friend!

  3. Nicole, this is just stunning!!! I LOVE your bag!!!! And I have felt that glorious kind of leather before - your description is perfect, it is JUST like putting your hand into flour! Incredible!!

  4. LOL! I just asked--I wasn't pushin. :)...That's a Beauty. I can understand why you are keeping it for yourself. It would look really good with MY coat thou! :)

  5. Of course I do...some of my favorite colors.

  6. That bag looks buttery soft! It is gorgeous as is all your work!

    Good luck at your show.

  7. Absolutely wonderful! Truly a piece to hang on to. Thanks for showing it. Connie

  8. Have fun tonight dear one and I love the bag.
    It is gorgeous!!
    Well done you!

  9. Thanks everyone. I am happy with it. It holds a lot of stuff. I need to make pockets inside.

  10. That is lovely! I did not know that you made bags as well. You are a woman of many talents.

  11. Dang that is beautiful!! and I love how you just 'cut the leather'!! Never mention the hours and hours of beading!! LOL!


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