Friday, December 3, 2010


Hi Everyone!!!
I am soooooooo excited!!!!! Last night when I returned home from my show, (I will tell you about it later today) Mike told me my new Nicole's BeadBacking was in. So why am I so excited???? Ahhhh.... you have asked for this color and now I have it. We are calling it Mocha Cream. It is the beigy color that I get emails about almost everyday. I am so happy with this new color that I am putting it in my $2.00 buck sale. A 12x9 inch sheet is just $2.00 bucks!!! I will get the smaller sheet listed today or just email me.
You can pick these up in both my Beadwright Etsy and Beadwright Artfire stores
The color is absolutely awesome!!! Ohhh here are some photos of it.
Ya know...sighhhh.. only a bead artists can get this excited over fabric. LOL

I love this color of Nicole's BeadBacking!!

OK so my lighting is off on this photo but you can see the difference from the white

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  1. Oh my favorite flavor! Someday I need to get me some of that! Can't wait to hear about the show!!!!

    Hugs and Blessings

  2. I'll be getting some of that delicious flavor, too, as soon as my stash reduces a bit, LOL!

    Great color!

  3. Hooray! I just finished a soft cuff using the dark brown color - this would have been better though! Love it!

  4. I thought I commented, maybe not... anyway - love the color. I just finished a soft cuff that would have been perfect with color. I used dark brown and it's fine, but this would have been better. Nice to see you putting out a new color.

  5. YES Nicole. this will be perfect for my upcoming project. Please send me a 12X9 sheet. I'll zip off to Etsy and place my order right now. Thanks!

  6. this is so pretty!! I did a loom beading project that is the length of a bracelet...this would be perfect!
    I'm glad you are on the mend...hope you are feeling LOT"S better soon!!

  7. The new color is absolutely lovely.

    Checking out your shop reminds me that I almost run out of charlotte beads too. I will check my stock again and let you know if I need to buy anything more.

  8. I have never tried this. Is this used instead of Ultrasuede or is this used in a similar way to Stiff Stuff?



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