Sunday, December 12, 2010


Hi Everyone!
It seems quiet today. I have been taking photos trying to get some kind of lighting in this dark grey world I live in. It can be quite depressing here on the cost. So I am trying to keep busy and not think of it. I so need sunshine!!!
As you know I have been filling orders with My Elegant Punk, Miss Skully, and leather orders for bags and masks. So finding things to do is NOT my problem LOL. I am also revamping my web site. The poor thing gets the least of my attention and it is time to do something about it. So what are you doing today?
Here is a photo of a necklace made with a cab I got at Gem Fair a few months ago. In addition size 13/o Charlotte cuts and vintage, 1920's French metal and bugle beads, (that I have had for 30 years) Chain and ribbon for the strap.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. gorgeous!

    I've been on a blog hiatus through the fall (taking classes has kept me busy) - but it's nice to see a beautiful piece like this on my first day back making the rounds!

  2. That is a beauty! It's dark, dreary, windy & rainy here today, too. I'm working on orders so I can finally get to that "other" project, LOL!

  3. Thanks you two. Tristan I love having you back.

  4. Wowser Nicole! That is a beauty. I love the Cab and the shape you put around it. Beautiful!

  5. So pretty! Our weather here has been about the same. Wishing you some sunshine!


  6. This is so beautifully done. Amazing work.

  7. Ohhh know I love all of your work but I do believe this one is my favorite....beautiful!!!

    Hope you are well my friend...Hugs,

  8. Oh Sweetie that is one stunning piece of art!


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