Monday, December 13, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Today has actually been a good day for Monday. I have been working on my web site. (I have had and maintained a web site since 1995. The one I have now since 2000.) I started a few days ago. A few rules to making your own web site, save often, check spelling, save often, have great photos, and don't forget to save often. Well I did save often and the whole thing bit the dust anyway. OMG!!! I wanted to cry. I stayed up late last night working on it, fixing it, and yes saving often. I uploaded and a glitch happened again. All of my photos were big blank boxes with red Xes in them. UUURRRRGGGGG.... Sooooo I had to reload the program I use to make my web site and start all over again. Three times I had to start over. I am exhausted thinking about it. LOL.
So up bright and early this morning and whim wham thank you mam I got the home page up and running. Then a few more pages.  Huuurrraaayyyy..... I don't make new years resolutions...... for me they just don't work. However, I have made a promise to myself that my web site will not take the back seat this year. Sooo on with my day. Got the house clean, got leather cut out and soaking, took some photos, got some legal paper work done, (YUCK) and fried chicken for Mike for his dinner. He would rather eat it cold.
So that is my day. What are all of you up to???
I am off to play with leather... ooohhh fun fun fun.....
Oh here are some of the Miss Skully pieces that were for a special order. All done with Swarovski and Fire polish. These could actually go into my Elegant Punk series.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Oh you have been busy! I am glad it all went well! And those sweet Miss Skully's are outstanding!!!!!


  2. Hi Nicole! Happy Holidays! Your Miss Skully pieces are beautiful and the work on them is great. Hope you are having good days. Thanks for sharing, have a great week.

  3. WOW have had one busy 24 hours. So happy that you got the site up and running.

    I LOVE these necklaces...very unique.

    I just finished the Santa I was making for the Chazman's teacher and now it's on to 18 tiny reindeer. ^_^


  4. Those are all so awesome but I personally love that white on white on the end!!! BEE U Ti Ful my friend!

  5. Love the Miss Skully pieces. Very cool! And glad you managed to wrestle down your website and make it work.
    Not sure about this least I got something crafty done, making me a hand guard for my traditional longbow from nice tan suede. The longbow is one without an arrow rest/shelf and so I needed a hand guard to protect my hand from the feathers. Looks good so far.

  6. WQow, those are so beautiful! Congrats on the masterpieces. I had a really CRAZY day. Sent my son to mail out a huge order. He was robbed and I'm hanging here trying to figure out how to explain this one to my new customer. I'm in a HEAP of trouble because not only do I not have a shipment on the way, I do not know where to begin to explain, not to mention how I'm to gather all of the ingredients to duplicate the jewelry items again, so that I can re-send all of the items so that they are there in her pretty little hands before Christmas.

    You asked how my day was, and there you have it. I don't have it! That's what I need to explain...
    Signed lost, miserable, confused, dumbfounded, under a rock, wish I could vanish....on and on and on...

  7. I am so sorry about all the computer work. Sometimes not matter how much you save it just wants to not hsow up right. What a difference a day makes, eh?
    I adore the skelly necklaces. Beautiful work.

  8. One of these days, I will get my website back on line, too!

    Love all the Miss Skullys!

    Do you ever sleep, my friend?


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