Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hi everyone!
This has been just a strange day. Ohhhh... could be me right?? I will admit it I am a bit on the strange side. LOL
That aside I was busy all day but feel like nothing really got accomplished. Hmmm.... Oh welllll...
I did get some 3 mm Swarovksi Crystals listed in my Beadwright Etsy Store. And yeessss they are part of my $2 Buck sale. You get 25 3mm bicons. OK OK don't say it, I did  not spell Bicon incorrectly. In the olden days of beading Bicones were refered to as bicons. I just can't get use to the bicone reference. So however you say it they are only $2 Bucks.

Now I wanted to use the new Etsy Coupon on my Beadwright kits. It turns out that you can't use if for individual items. What ever the % off is, pertains to everything in an Etsy Store. So if you are interested in any of my Beadwright kits, that are already marked down to just $26.00, I will give another 10% off.  Just email me I will adjust the price for you.
Now here are just a few remarks and finished pieces from my one of my Beadwright Kits
Check out

How can you pass up Swarovski???

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I do understand odd days, seems like I have had more than my share of them the last few weeks. The pink beads are so pretty! Wishing you a better day today!


  2. I must admit, as I design a jewelry kreation, I almost HAVE to add swaravski crystals to each one of them. I think it's become my newest obsession, but it is a good one! Thanks for sharing these lovelies and I really hope you feel well by now. Blessings and Happy Holidays to you...KK


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