Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I am setting this at the top of my blog so you all remember to go vote for Regi. The links were changed. I think as the votes come in or something. Anyway here are the links again. As of yesterday Regi was in 3rd place. Come on let's get those votes in so Regi is the clear winner!!!!
Scroll down to see the photos
Another busy day for me and I am thinking a lot of you are busy busy buys as well. My good friend Regi over at Souther OOAKS has been busy and very excited!!! I am excited for her!!!! Not one but two of her beautiful art pieces have been chosen by Better Home and Gardens magazine for a photo contest!!! WOW how very cool is that???? Now Regi needs all of us to vote for her pieces. Come on it just takes a second and when you see these you will want to vote anyway. Then go over to Regi's blog to read her story about Santa. It is very sweet. Be sure to tell her Nicole sent you.
 I borrowed these photos from Regi and the links to go vote. It is more than fantastic when one of our own gets this kind of recognition. Yeeaahhh Regi!!!

Click on the photos to vote

 Check out the hands on this old guy.... perfect....

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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  1. I dear one. Still a little sickly, I will try not to cough on your blog!!
    What wonderful pieces Regi makes, I wish her big luck!!!
    Love and hugs,
    Hope you are well.


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