Saturday, September 25, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I spent most of yesterday in bed actually sleeping. I think it must just be the last year catching up with me. I am trying to be focused and not dwell on the loss or the negative. I guess, thank the gods for beading, art, and sleep. :)
So this morning with foot in the walking boot.... (hmmm wonder why it is called that when I am not suppose to walk on my foot??? LOL) I got started on some photos. I do have to get use to this new camera don't I? It is so very different from my old point n shoot and I already know I will have to create a new set up for lighting. In the mean time bare with me. Here is what I was working on, white dicor on crystal and silver, no one ever said I should start off with easy photos.
This is a piece I designed two years ago. The white dicro is not only the best in color and shapes,  it is also carved! For those of you who don't know white dicro is very difficult to accomplish. Most of it comes out muddy or dull and one has to be a very experienced glass maker to get it right. My good friend Denise Sanders made this glass and her husband Mori did the carving. They both live here in Florence and Mori is our chief of police.
So this necklace is made of the white dicro, sterling silver in rice beads, 2mm rounds, and 4mm beveled. The seed beads are gilt lined crystal white in size 11/o. This is beaded on my white BeadBacking then the finished backing is white leather. The clasp is sterling silver with mother of pearl.
I know the photos don't do it justice so use your imagination for shine and sparkle.
Hope you like it.

 This is my sister/ friend Sandy

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. OMG! That Is absolutley Stunning! What a gorgeous piece of work.

  2. Now THAT's what I call a stunner, Nicole! Brava :D (Hope you get to feeling some more energy soon...I know from personal experience that it's a rare commodity with SLE.) *hugs*

  3. Whaoooo, Nicole!!! Beautiful work!!!(:-)

  4. Thanks ladies. I appreciate the ooohhhs and aaahhhsss.

  5. Wow that is so striking! I can just imagine how beautiful it is in person. Stunning!


  6. Love Love first sight. How did you bead the one strap? it random peyote? I kind of like the assymmetry.That dichro pendant is a stunner, where can I find a piece like that?

  7. Wow! What a gorgeous piece. I love all the texture- it is so much more noticeable in a monochromatic piece like this. Gorgeous!! The multi strands are just stunning and the White Dicro glass makes me drool. LOL

  8. Absolutely spectacular! A good year that produces work like that.

  9. This piece is fit for a Queen! Lovely.

  10. Elegance at its finest! The wearer will be blessed beyond words!


  11. Very unusual and beautiful glass pieces highlighted in your gorgeous necklace!


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