Sunday, September 26, 2010


Hi Everyone!
It is stormy here today. For some reason it is not bothering my mood, just my joints. LOL. I beaded a bit this AM then played with my new camera, so much more to know from a point n shoot. Took a nap. When I woke I  reopened a package I received the other day. It is from my good friend Lori Cook from 
Out of the flames She just amazes me. She knows how close I am to faeries so she created a glass cabochon that has the most delicate faerie in the glass. OMG it is so beautiful.!! But she didn't stop there! Carefully wrapped is another cabochon with an outstanding Calla Lily. Wowowow it almost looks real. But she didn't stop there! I removed the wrapping and just about fell out of my socks. (Oh I mean sock, you know... the stupid boot on my foot) Lori sent me one of her amazing, incredible, wonderful, right up my beading alley BATS!!! ooohhhhh it is sooooo coooolllll. Actually much larger than I thought they were. I already have an idea for what it will be used for. A wall hanging with a full  moon and the bat flying in the night. I can hardly wait to get started on it. But she didn't stop there! While she was packing up the box her grandson put a surprise cab in for me. Lori would take it out and he would put it back in so Lori wrapped it up. She told me it is something new she is working on and let me tell you it is outstanding!!!!! So just how lucky am I to have friends like Lori? I am so blessed.  Be sure to visit Lori at her blog and her etsy store. and tell her Nicole sent you.
Here are my wonderful goodies.

You can just see the faerie in the glass. Stunning
 Can you believe this?
 When I look at Battie it is black, however, when I shoot it I get this design. I have tried it several times.
 Lori's new cabs.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. It just shows what a great friend you are to her! Shelby and I are having fun looking at her creations! We are both jealous that you got a bat!!!!


  2. They are gorgeous! The faerie has an ethereal look--love it!


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