Sunday, September 5, 2010


Hi Everyone!
First thanks for all the great answers to my last post on what does a No Soliciting sign mean to you. Linda Ledbetter from commented saying there must be an interesting story behind my question. Well I don't know if interesting is the right word. I was eerrkkked and wanted to write a post that probably wouldn't have had much honor to it so I posted the question instead.
So here is the story behind the question. Mike and I live in a cute little house right on the corner of a road that is quite busy leading to the beach. For some reason this corner gives people the idea that they can park their cars, or motor homes in front of our house and do what EVER. For some other reason this corner seem to be very inviting to every church group on the Pacific Coast. They park their expensive cars in front of my house, get out in their flower print dresses and dark suits, and ohh.. don't forget to drag a child from the back seat. My house always seems to be first. The see me sitting in the window working, so why NOT disturb me. Our first year here Mike and I counted 75 hits for religious knockings. So we went out and bought a NO SOLICITING SIGN. Ahhhh peace and quite. They still park in front of our house but stayed away from the front door. Until yesterday!!! I am hobbling around on my crutches, trying oh so hard to be good and stay off my foot, when there is a tapping at my door. Mya is barking her head off as I crutch my way through the house. I open the door to a well dressed woman in her thirties and of course a young girl about 12 years old who looks embarrassed, the woman says "Good morning how are you today?" I eye her three binders and one black worn bible and reply in a strong voice, "Not very well." Before I can finish she interrupts and says "Oh well let me tell you about Jes..... before she could finish her religious spiel I ask if she read my no soliciting sign. She tells me, "Yes I read it but I am not soliciting." I just looked at her for the idiot she was. I looked at the little girl who had pressed her lips together and was starring down at her feet. Nowwww I had the option of cussing this stupid woman out or stand with dignity. I hope I choose dignity. I leaned in towards her looked right into her eyes and said with all my inner strength. "SHAME ON YOU" and shut the door.... hard. NOW let me say this. I respect the belief system of every person. I have my own that I live by. I don't however, respect the knocking on my door trying to tell me about the end of days or the saving graces of Christ. I don't need to be interrupted by a stranger who thinks their way is the ONLY way and that I should drop everything to give the intruder my time and space. Rudeness doesn't even begin to label these people. If I wanted to know about their beliefs I would seek them out. Freedom of speech, freedom of religious beliefs, freedom of conviction, yes! but not the freedom to knock on my door when I have a NO SOLICITING SIGN.
I was thinking I would have to add verbiage to the sign something like; this includes ....... and make a list....
So there is my story.
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  1. Somehow I knew what that post was going to be about. I had just answered almost the same question on another blog.

    My attitude is this. Just because someone comes to my door, doesn't mean I have to open it or even talk to them. We are know to go directly to the doot, look out and ignore those we know are peddling what ever...3 large dogs barking at the door is a pretty good deterent too!

  2. Wow, that takes stones. I feel bad for the little girl with her, who sounds like was pretty embarrassed.

    I have no problem being rude to people who intrude on my space. I respect their right to believe what works for them, but when they arrive, unannounced to force that belief on me, well, that is not acceptable.

    Good for you! And I hope your foot is healing well. What a drag for you.


  3. *lol* Sorry, I got the question wrong, so ignore my answer.
    I can fully understand and my answer to people like this woman is: DO NOT STEAL MY TIME! Although I agree with you about the belief system of every person and the respect for it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Nicole, during a particular cold winter, when this well-dressed guy comes to the door with a small child in tow asking if they could come inside so he could tell me about Jehovah... I said "Sure, the little girl can come in, but you can't" I haven't as of yet slammed a door into anyones face, but its mighty tempting.

  5. Nicole, you need one of these:

    They don't always work, but they do seem to reduce the number of religious solicitations the door!

  6. You are a better woman than me Nicole. I don't even answer the door if a stranger is knocking. I find it most annoying that their calling becomes my responsibility to 'handle.'
    She's lucky you didn't shake a crutch at her.


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