Saturday, September 4, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Just want your answer to this question please.

If you walked up to a house or a business and there was a NO SOLICTING sign on the door what does that mean to you?

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  1. I have a feeling there's an interesting story in your question...

    To me, "No Soliciting" means "Don't come to my door and try to sell me something, convert me to something or convince me of something."

    But that's just me. ;-)

  2. I think people today have lost respect for others and that is apparent all over. I went to a grocery store today and it is the largest and best with unbelievable customer service but the people who shop there are the rudest people ever! No respect for personal space I even had one older woman bump my cart 3 times to get me to move and I was blocked as it was! Derek had better manners and he's 5!


  3. I have seen the sign on bank entry doors (never at a house), it means I don't tell the teller wearing some great earrings, where she can buy some greater handcrafted ones made by moi. I heed the sign.

  4. Well if I owed the house or business then I guess it would mean I didn't want anyone to try to sell me anything. If I were the seller it would mean for me not to waste my time and move on to a place that might want my wares. Is this a trick question???? lol Big hugs Beth

  5. To me that means: "I don't want to be found!"

  6. Turn around and move on. I think it is disrespectful to knock on a door that says no soliciting unless you are a friend or neighbor who is not selling anything.
    PS Thank you for your comments on my Kokopelli necklace set. I appreciate the encouragement.

  7. Oh Nicole, have you had those pesky door-knockers visiting you again :-[ How rude!

  8. Sorry, I got the question wrong! Non-native speaker I am. :-(


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