Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hi Everyone!

If you follow my blog you know that my camera is old, the lens is weak, and the battery won't keep a charge. Geeeee sounds a bit like me LOL!! Anyway taking photos is a challenge these days. I am hoping to get a new camera tomorrow. So please keep all of the above in mind when you view my latest cuff. Most of you know that I love skulls in any form and that Halloween is my most favorite day of the year, so Miss Skully just had to have the right environment to rest her beauty. This is another of my beyond free form pieces. In fact this is actually my textured flatwork. You can find the instructions in my book "FlatWork" Black lace, tiny vintage black roses, size 15/o, 12/o, and 11/o seed beads, mixed with Toho cubes, hex, and rounds. But what really topped it for me was the new leaves I received from Artbeads.com. They look like they should be in a graveyard!! eeehhhhh I love it!!! Can you tell that I am very pleased with this cuff? I just hate to part with it. OK so are you ready???? I hope you like it. It was fun to make.

I am a reviewer of products for Artbeads.com. I received the beads above free of charge. I have used and reviewed this product and my statements are an honest description. I receive no compensation from Artbeads.com for my endorsement as it pertains to the product above.

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  1. LOVE the bracelet. I have been thinking about getting a lady skell cab. Yours is cool!
    I love halloween!!

  2. OMG! I love it...ALL of it, but especially Skully!! That is just too cool! Outstanding Nicole! Love it Love it LOVE IT!!!

  3. *LOL* Halloween really seems to be just around the corner! Today an alien jumped out of my oven.
    The cuff is beautiful and the cab is adorable.

  4. Why would you part with it? She is perfect! I am in awe of all that beautiful work!


  5. Thanks everyone I so appreciate your ohhhs and aahhhs. Miss Skully is a bit too large for my wrist. I will post this in my artfire store or it will go to show next month.

  6. Totally amazing, Nicole, as all of your work is! This one goes way beyond amazing! So much luscious texture all in one place, too! Hugs.

  7. I just love Miss Skully! She is just so divine.

  8. It is totally cool, I love your skelly wrist wrap!

  9. Spookily Delightful!

    From Artbeads.com

  10. So very very cool and delightfully spooky, Nicole! I love your crazy freeform work...you inject so much texture and visual interest into these pieces. Gorgeous work, as always my friend! B. -xo-

  11. What's not to love here! I am a Artbeads beading blogger too! Will be working on my design this weekend..again LOVE this!


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