Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Wow yesterday was a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG day. Up and on the road early to Eugene. We made it through construction and AM traffic. Check in and then off to get an nuclear inject. The first scan was only about 20 minutes. Now for the hmmm fun part???? 5 hours to kill. So we had a nice meal, then off to Michael's for a few things, then to Best Buy to look at cameras. Nice sale going on. We wanted to check out Sears, however, the Sears here is down sizing and they only had a few cameras. Back to Best Buy. I got the camera I wanted at a great price!!!! Along with a few other things. It was still early but we headed back to the hospital. They were behind so my 3:30 bone scan didn't happen until 4:15 PM. It lasted about an hour. A quick check and it was decided I needed a 3-d CT scan. Reallyyyyy????? I think the bill just quadrupled. We had to wait for that and then another another hour for the scan. We didn't get home until 8PM. I am too old for this. LOL..... Oh wanna know what kind of camera I got? It is a Fuji FinePix s2700 OMG what a great camera! All the bells and whistles I wanted and more. So in the dim light of gray that is covering Florence today here are the first photos. They just happen to be some new beads I bought from
I needed some small bugles and of course Artbeads had them on sale!!! These are my faves

I am a reviewer of products for I received the beads above free of charge. I have used and reviewed this product and my statements are an honest description. I receive no compensation from for my endorsement as it pertains to the product above.
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  1. I guess I wasn't clear enough with my good wishes again it wasn't supposed to take that long!!! I hope they find out soon what is going on!
    Camera took great shots! I know you will be having fun with this one!


  2. I don't think you said how your bone scan went? I hope all was okay. That's a lot of beads but I'm sure you will use them all with all your creativity. Take care and have a great weekend.

  3. Hi girls I won't know the results of the scan until next week.


  4. Good luck with that scan, hope you are feeling better in the meantime. Your beads make me want to jump right over to art beads and buy some!

  5. Niccce Camera, Nicole! Not so nice to hear about the bone scan. I'm up for one end of October. Longer wait to get one hear, but at least our medical covers that...mind you not the hotel or travel expense, lol. We'll be staying overnight in town, just in case. Not looking forward to the injection or the long scan. I think I'll be doing some shopping also. Did they do your whole body? That's what they'll do with me. Hopefully the machine won't bang so loud like an MRI, eeps!
    Looking at your pics again...I want a new camera, lol.

  6. Hopefully the results of the scans will shed some light on why your foot isn't healing, Nicole...sorry you had such a long day! But at least it wasn't all bad...your new camera sounds fabulous, and those first few pics look great! Can't wait to see more :-) B. -xo-


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