Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Yesterday I had a guest over to my house. She is a wonderful lady that doesn't bead. Yes yes I have non beading friends. LOL!!! However, she had purchased a necklace and earring set from a craft show that I must say..... hmmmmm ..... let's see how can I say this with out being to mean... OK I have it. This necklace set could win the ugly necklace contest. huuuhhh pretty good yeah? Anyway my friend wanted to fix it up so after some huge changes, throwing out most of the original beads, I showed her how to put it back together. I think I may have her hooked on stringing necklaces. :) Soooooooo, I told you all of that to say today and tomorrow are strictly beading days. I am so far behind..... I do work well under pressure though. I have three pain patches on and I am ready to go. Yeahhhhh lupus is trying to mess with me. I refuse refuse refuse to allow it in.
One thing to share with you. As in my title I received the most beautiful Swarovski Rivoli yesterday in the mail. It is an 18mm Peacock Eye Rivoli. OMGGGGGG it is amazing!!!! Of course the photos do not do it justice but you Rivoli freaks out there will get the idea. Ohhh I got this from a wonderful seller on Artfire. Check it out.

Everyone have a great day
Just tooooo awesome!!!!!

Oh I just had to get the little Rivolis to go with.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. How beautiful! I just started working with Rivoli's this week as my monthly challenge for August. So far, so good. I just signed up to follow your blog too. Enjoy your weekend, Connie

  2. Ohhhh are in my thoughts and prayers regarding the Lupus. Hate when our "monsters" rare their heads up.

    OMGOSH...the Rivoli is breathtaking. It does look as though you are looking through a prism at a peacock.
    Can't hardly wait to see what you do with these lovely pieces.


  3. Ohhh what a stunning rivoli... absolutely gorgeous - I can just imagine how it sparkles! I'll have to check out her store!!



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