Saturday, August 21, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Well I got this piece done today. I am happy with it. The glass of course is from my dear friend Lori Cook from out of the flames. Check out her blog and etsy store you will be happy you did. Anyway it is so difficult to make man jewelry with Mike around. He wants EVERYTHING!!!! I told him he has to give me a chance to get my inventory up. Geeessss. Well he recently bought a new shirt that this necklace goes with perfectly. I think I will start charging him for the pieces he wants. LOL Yeah that won't work I have all the money hee hee hee.

OK enough of that here is the new necklace. I love this first shot. I didn't plan it I just set the necklace on the shelf and snapped. It came out pretty cool with part of my day of the dead people and my witchy tree painting in the background.


Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Gorgeous! Love the colors! I really need to sit down with your book and try this! Beautiful!

  2. That is just so cool, wonder Mike wanted to snatch it from you! I had to laugh when you joked about charging him for all of these pieces he keeps stealing LOLOLOLOL


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