Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I think I mentioned that on Sept. 3rd I will be showing and doing a demo at the Mind Power Art Gallery in Reedsport, OR. It is their 21st anniversary and every year there is a theme party. This year it is jewelry. I will be the seed bead person. Ahhh duuuaaahhhh really??? LOL So I want to show a variety of different seed bead pieces. For part of my table I thought rings would make a colorful showing. Here is what I have so far. Hope you like them.

P.S. my foot hurts right up to my knee. The doctor phoned again just before he closed and said he had a conference with the podiatrist and that the boot needs to stay on for 8 weeks!!! 8 WEEKSSSSSSSSSSS. Holy crap. Oh and stay off of it. haaa haaa haaa I am just cracking up over this. How does one stay off of a foot for 8 WEEEEEKKKKKSSSSSS. Thank goodness my sister-in-law, Carlene told me how to adjust and use the crutches. They are more compfy now.
OK on with the rings I just had to complain for a minute. Thanks for listening.

Ohhh myyy I should have air brushed the wrinkles out of my hands.
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Very pretty rings!!!!!!!! and pretty colors!!!!

  2. My goodness! If this gorgeous,colorful work is the product of one day on crutches then we have to talk. How then did you hurt your foot?

  3. One is prettier than the next! I am looking forward to 8 wks of beautiful blog posts! Glad you are adjusting to the crutches. The time will fly--you'll see.

  4. Don't you dare airbrush those gorgeous wrinkles! Each one is a gift of time and creativity!

    Those rings are simply yummy!


  5. Love the vibrant rings! So sorry about the foot. :o(

  6. I am so sorry Nicole, try to stay off of it as much as possible though so it will heal right.

    Your rings are so wonderful and will make a huge statement on your table.
    They are gorgeous.
    Have a great day!

  7. is the honor and integrity referring to the fabulous seed bead rings? Surely not the beautiful hands that made them!
    sorry to hra about your foot - when you have an auto-immune illness (me too!:) it's hard to tell when something new is happening - take it easy and enjoy creating!

  8. Gorgeous rings Nicole - and the wrinkles just add character so don't be ashamed of them!

    8 weeks is a long time to stay off your feet but imagine how much beading you can get done in that time. Perhaps this is what you need to just take some time out, try to relax and enjoy the ride so to speak.

    I hope you are start feeling better soon and that you recover quicker than anticipated.


  9. Hello there, thanks for commenting on my blog! (

    I work at the design center in Staples. I'm so glad it's Friday!!!!

  10. Wow, look at all that gorgeous finger candy! These rings are stunning, Nicole...I would wear all of them. Probably all at once, too! LOL ;-)

    Eeek, 8 weeks of sitting still?! Well, doctor's orders 'n all...and it's a good chance to just sit and bead, right?! I'm sure Mike won't mind waiting on you ;-)

  11. I LOVE the rings!!!! all of them gorgeous!!!!


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