Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hi Everyone!!

Thanks so much for all the nice emails for getting back on both feet. Yesterday was a bit tough. My foot hurt less before the boot so I had to get a grip on that. Today it is a bit better. I did manage to get a piece started yesterday and finished this morning. Forgive the photos. I just snapped them on top of my computer desk.
I thought I had a photo of the base of this necklace and I don't, It is a huge raku button.
Enjoy the photos.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I missed your post about your hurt foot. Sorry for that, you sure don't need it (who does?) do your best to follow your Dr. orders. I would find it impossible. In regards to your bead work, I cannot believe how fast you make these beautiful pieces! I guess that is why you are a professional and I am a novice. I'm also a slow poke. I love this necklace, its gorgeous.

  2. I really enjoy seeing your beautiful work and this piece just adds to my enjoyment! Thanks for posting and hope your recovery goes well! And quickly!

  3. Oh, this is gorgeous, Nicole! You have perfectly captured the essence of Autumn in this piece. I love it :-)

  4. Thanks ladies. I have always been a fast beader and once I have something in mind I am pretty focused. This was pretty fun to make.

  5. Oh baby that's awesome!!! I am forever in awe of your work! (bowing to your greatness)


  6. Wow favoloso!!! Complimenti per il tuo blog...è fantastico e tu sei bravissima!!!


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