Monday, June 7, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I have been wanting to share these photos with you for some time now. Today I finally got them all together to do just that. If you fish and are going to be in the Kalispell, Montana area then you have to contact my brother Pat. He is the owner operator of A Able Fishing Charters on Flathead Lake. Believe me if you want a fun time call Pat. Well, Tobi will probably answer the phone LOL. Pat has the sense of humor that will have you on your toes all day long, however, when it comes to fishing Pat knows where to go and how to catch the big ones.

He has two boats you can choose from.

This baby is "Fun Time"

and here is "First Strike"

This is a happy guy! and
Pat is in the back making sure all is well

How can you not smile with a fish like this?
Pat loves a good photo OP

All day on the lake and these guys are winding down

Yeahhh the fish is as big as she is.

Sunny days on Flathead Lake and
the fishing is fine!!

OK Pat... breath... LOL

So don't wait call now and place your reservation

2010 is our 23rd year in business!

Bookings can be made by phone:406-844-0888

Your Skippers:

Patrick Campanella, Outfitter #12455

"Shorty" Goggins, Outfitter #24

A Able Fishing Charters and Tours688 Lakeside Blvd.PO
Box 355Lakeside, Montana 59922
With 2 boats we can handle up to 26 people
Located in Lakeside
We are just off Highway 93. In Lakeside, at the blinking light, turn east towards the lake at Adams St. Road turns to the right at the water, follow down 5 houses and park at the A-Frame house.

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  1. Those fish are gi-normous!!!!! Oh man I surely don't want to swim there!!!!! lol. Those boats look awesome...can't wait to show these pictures to my husband...he thinks we only blog about girlie he calls it!!! lol. Thanks for the info lady! and congrats on 23 yrs of service...thats saying something in these times! Wishing your brother many many more! big hugs beth

  2. I only caught a fish once in my life. It was a little wee one and catching it scared me to death! Catching a big one like that would be the end of me for sure!


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