Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hi Everyone!
For my regular readers you know that over the last six months my life has been a bit stressed out. Aaahhh ha ha ha ha I just crack myself up. A bit..... For me creating and shifting my focus helps with the difficult times. Some months back I started this project and this morning finally finished it. The double faced cab is made by my good friend Beth from She makes the best face cabs and I was so please that I got this one among several others that I ordered. She does an excellent job on detail and is meticulous on her finished products. If you need face cabs be sure to visit Beth and tell her Nicole sent you.
So do you want to see my finished project??? Really do ya??? OK here it is.

The beadwork measures 8"x 7" backed on my
BeadBacking and set into a frame

Brass buttons and small cabs are
surrounded by 15/o charlottes

I love that I had this died Turquoise to match
enamel beads by C-Koop Beads

small earth stone beads were used as well as bugles

I love the detail of these faces. Also used Cats Eye
scarabs and black Onyx cabs

This photo doesn't show well, however,
there are 6 layers to this piece.

Hope you enjoyed
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I cannot believe what you have done with this cab. Your work totally threw me off base...I did not think anything this gorgeous could be done with my humble lil cab. I am totally awe struck...thank you so much for taking her to a level I never would have thought of....she looks like she was made for this rock Miss Nicole!!! Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments on my cabs... you and others have been so encouraging to me and I shall hold that dearly. Oh sending you huge great-ful hugs!!! Beth

  2. That is just gorgeous! A real work of art to be very proud of. Today there's a Versatile Blogger award for you over at my blog too.

  3. Thanks Ladies. I appreciate your words.

  4. Ok Nicole that's it. I am more that awestruck, flabergasted (if that's how you spell it ) and dumbfounded! What you can do with needle, thread and beads is incredible! (I am bowing right now!)

  5. Looks very Tibetan! I like the beads that are outside the embroidery on the background. Gives the piece an interesting expansion.


  6. OMG category really! :) Jaw dropped, staring wide eyed ! :) Beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous work Nicole. I have been waiting for Beth to open a shop. I'm a sucker for face cabs. You certainly did beautiful work inspired by this one.

  8. Wow Nicole, what a powerful piece of artwork you have created! It reminds me of a masai warrior...that strong gaze and proud stance. Your beadwork is immaculate and I LOVE your layering (six?! wow!!!) I hope this masterpiece has a special place reserved for it in your home. Amazing work :-)

  9. OMG Nicole. This is outstanding! I love Beth's cabs and this really showcases them.
    Incredible work both of you.
    Have a great week.

  10. What a lovely work!! I love it!!

  11. Wow! You took a beautiful cab & turned it into a masterpiece! Stunning work!

  12. Hi Nicole, OMG Sweetie what a outstanding, incredible piece of Art this is! Just amazing Nicole, I love this! Wowwww! This turned out so fantastic! So when did you say that you were coming to Ohio that I may have personal bead lessons from you??? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee.
    I'm keeping you, your family and Vince in my prayers. I do hope that Vince is regaining his health and doing better each and everyday.
    Gosh Nicole I've missed you! I haven't posted in a lil over a month at my blog because of me being in the hospital again. Thanks so much for stopping in and thinking about me with everything that you've had on your mind. Thank you! If you have time stop over at my blog, I did a marathon post. lol
    I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your evening.
    Giant hugs to you...

  13. This turned out wonderfully! I am picking up inspiration so I can decide how to use Marie's cab that I won. You certainly took this one beyond anything I could have come up with. Nice work.

  14. Hey Jan I am starting on one of Maries cab today. Can't wait to get started.

  15. I think I've worn my scroll mouse out going back and forth to study this piece. The pictures are great! You have a fabulous eye for color - just fantastic.

  16. That is absolutely incredible. It is pieces like your that make me want to try out bead embroideryr.

  17. WOW!! this is just stunning!!! I can't even guess how many hours of work this is.


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