Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I have always been a teacher or instructor. It is just in my blood. I was teaching hand crafts and art in my twenties and taught my first beading class in CA. in 1986. It was a traditional porcupine quill earring class. After a few more classes one of my brother's said to me, "You are crazy for teaching people your beading." My reply was then and stands today, "This thing called beading is not mine to keep. These stitches were here long before me and if I keep them to myself what joy is that?" So I have never been threatened by others using my patterns or techniques. In fact, I love knowing that over the years I have helped people start businesses, learned to create, find their inner souls, and hopefully pass on what I have taught them. This is how I feel when I write an article, teach a class, or make up a new kit. With this in mind I sent out my newest Layered Flatwork kit to two of my good and long time friends. Triz, who knows flatwork, and Belinda who doesn't (or didn't) and asked them for an honest review. EEEkkkk that can be so scary. Triz received hers first and I was so happy with her comments. I knew she would have it whipped out in a few hours. However, I wanted to know if everything was clear to her. My happiness is that she gave the finished piece to her mom. How nice is that?
As you know I have been a bit stressed these days haa haa haaa. A bit!!! So this morning when I read what Belinda had to say about my kit the day was brighter and I can not be more happy knowing she has discovered an new skill. Please read what Belinda has to say.
If you know me at all you know that I am a humble person and not one to brag or be haughty. I am just so blessed with these two wonderful artists working my kits and knowing I have accomplished what I set out to do. Inspire and teach.
All of the kits have hand made dicro glass by Lori Cook another very good friend of mine from Spokane, WA.
Check out he kits at Beadwright Etsy store
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Nicole You should be proud! Both of their reviews were amazing and left me wanting to make one myself. It is now on my wish list although I am not sure I can actually do it, they at least made me think I can (if that makes sense)

  2. I recently started teaching again (beading and archery) and realized how much I missed it. To be able to teach is one of the greatest gifts to me.

  3. I enjoyed reading both reviews and see the finished products! Triz & Belinda both did a fabulous job with your kits!

    You are such a generous soul to share your knowledge with the world!

  4. Wonderful reviews! Some people are just born to teach.

  5. It was such a pleasure working with your kit Nicole! and the best part of all is my mum loved her b-day present!


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