Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Today I got news that Bobbi Cook has been hospitalized for a sever infection in her kidneys. If you don't know Bobbi she is an amazing woman and artist. I met her through OWOH as I know many of you did as well. Please add Bobbi Cook to your prayers, healing ceremonies, and general well wishes. Don't know Bobbi yet? Then go here you will like her as much as I do.
Leave a comment or send her an email. It is always nice to know people are thinking of you when you are ill.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Oh Nicole, this is so sweet. Bobi is going to love it. Thank you!
    Praying with you with all my heart.
    And for Vince too!

  2. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. especially when times are so trying for you and your family right now..

  3. Hi Nicole, thanks for posting this. I have been a little worried about her as she has not posted on OTTBS for a while but convinced myself that maybe it was just life getting in the way. I'll e-mail her now.


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