Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I have a story to tell you that more than touched my heart and makes what I do, art, all worth it.
About 5 years ago one of my designer necklaces was published in Bead Unique Magazine. The necklace was done in Pinks, haaa colors I am not fond of. I am not a frilly pink kind of girl. However, I used my Curls n Swirls, and scalloped brick stitch techniques so the pink was ok. The necklace made the cover of the magazine and I was thrilled! A week or so after the publication hit the streets I received an email from a very nice lady ( I will call her Suzie, not her real name.) wanting to know how much I would charge for the necklace. I replied quoting a price. I didn't hear back and figured she wanted to make the necklace to sell for herself and wanted pricing. hmmmm not ethical but hey you can't watch everyone. Fast forward to last week. I receive an email from a lady, I don't know, saying she is writing for Suzie and wants to know if she could have my phone number or mailing address so Suzie could get a hold of me. Now I remember this Suzie name so I thought it was an old customer. I sent the information. That evening I received a call from Suzie. She was a delightful woman who said she has been waiting 5 years to buy my Curls n Swirls necklace and asked if I was still making them. I told her I had the original that was actually published. I also told her if I had an extra copy of the magazine I would send it along as well. She told me "Noooo she has the magazine right by her bed." So I quoted a price and she said the check is being mailed the next day. We had a fun chat on the phone and said good bye. Sure enough a few days later there was her check. How cool is this!! Not so much the sale, but the fact that this woman remembered me and my jewelry. So I sent off the necklace. Today I received a lovely hand written card that in part reads,
"Received in excellent condition. More beautiful than I imagined."
Now I ask you, just how blessed am I?

Art, it brings people together from far off places.
I have another story for you tomorrow about a far off place so come back.

The cover Curls n Swirls

My lovely card.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. That is so cool Nicole! That is such a beautiful necklace, I would've waited for it too!


  2. That is a wonderful story. I am sure it brightened your day considerably.

    And ah-hem. There are many old goats that like pink. heh

  3. what a heart warming story. i so hope miss suzie is happy with her long awaited is gorgeous so i can see how she would still want it after all these years. your workmanship is awesome! big hugs to you beth

  4. I just love this story, Nicole. It must make you feel on top of the world to know that someone has been pining after your beautiful creation for all these years. I can see why the lucky lady loves it so's GORGEOUS! And I love pink ;-) hehe B. -xo-

  5. You are very blessed and that necklace is awesome for pink!
    I really don't care for pink either. I would wear that though.
    It is gorgeous.

  6. My darling woman, you AND Susie have just made my day.

    To know she kept that magazine by her bed all this time and to be so blessed to know you, well I think I am a very blessed and lucky girl I am!

    Loving you from afar!
    Your friend,

  7. You must feel quite honored. Thanks for sharing this lovely event with us. I'm not a big fan of pink either but this piece is gorgeous in spite of the color;-)

  8. What a wonderful story! Suzie has been dreaming about that gorgeous necklace for 5 years ... amazing.

  9. What a story! I love such moments! And necklace - is REALLY fabulous!

  10. What a wonderful story! And the internet makes it even easier to bring people together. I'd never have imagined that I once would send swap earrings to places on the other side of the globe and met so many kind people. It's great!

  11. What a wonderful story Nicole! And how lovely to think that that beautiful necklace has gone to a home that will treasure it so much!

  12. I loved that story. It is true, we never know where our art will take us and who will receive it. This customer kept your info all those years and saved her money. At the same time, it didn't sell because it was waiting to go and live with her. What a tremendous compliment.

  13. What a story! Your beautiful necklace left quite an impression on "Suzie". Waiting all that time to be able to buy it--well, it just makes the prize a little sweeter!

  14. Wow thanks everyone. I don't normally sell the pieces I have published so that is why I still had the piece. All of you have added to my blessing with your comments.

  15. I love this story, how cool is this. Understandable she would remember the necklace, it is gorgeous.

  16. Let me tell you all a little story to go with this.

    That issue was issue #5. Bead Unique was very young and so was I in the magazine biz.

    I had already picked the flowers from a large bush that sits outside my kitchen window for this. The flower petals were just PERFECT and I knew I wanted them in the photo, regardless of the thorns it had on it.

    But I also knew that it coldnt be on a white background.
    I had to stop at the grocery store on my way to the photograhpers (I didnt take all the photos at that time) and I was walking back to the check out and went through the isle with the cards.
    This back ground is green pearlized wrapping paper. I saw it by the cards and wrapping stuff and knew that was it!

    I got to the photographers and he threw a fit. First of all he said my photo props were not very good at all, and he didnt like the little petals dropped delicatly here and there. He said I was taking too much time arranging and he also said the pearl finish would look like crap.
    OH and I wanted light to fall across it delicately in just the right place, soft yet determined. So I set up large glass blocks to each side of it and had a spot light shoot light through it across the piece.
    (he didnt like that either)

    We finished all of it, and I was stressed to the max. I wanted to slap him by the end of the day. I didnt though, because I knew I had the shot I wanted.

  17. What a beautiful story. I love how she remembered and probably saved up for that necklace. It is amazing the different ways that we touch people's lives.


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