Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I almost can't believe that the sun is going to shine today. I guess it is fitting though because yesterday I receive sunshine from a far away place of my dreams. In keeping with yesterday's post, here is another story. A few years ago I met a beautiful young woman through blogging. We commented on each others blogs in a casual way and emailing now and then. However, something clicked last year and this amazing woman and I have become great friends. She lives in a place that my heart has longed for my whole life. Yesssss yes yes it is in a desert land and one that my dreams take me on grand adventures. Okaayyy I won't get all carried away with that LOL! Back to yesterday. Part of my mail pick up was this funny looking package. I actually thought it was advertising. (So glad I didn't toss it away) I got home and after looking it over I realized it was a.......BIRTHDAY PACKAGE FROM MY FRIEND!!!! OMG... now I ripped open the funny package and there to my extreme delight was my sunshine and a wish. How appropriate. I carefully opened the handmade wrapper and then slowly pulled out the surprise. My heart skipped a beat as I saw the sunshine from Australia. Everything about this beautiful necklace, for me represents the beauty of the land I desire, the talent and the generosity of the woman who created it. So---- who is this person who sent me sunshine from Australia? My dear and wonderful friend Belinda Saville. Now if you don't know who she is you better finish reading this leave a comment and head over to her blog. She is an amazing mom, wife, artist, and she is a pilot. I love that!!! Anyway stop by and say hi to Belinda and tell her Nicole sent you.

Here is my Australia sunshine

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. That necklace is jaw-dropping gorgeous! Wear it in good health--you are so deserving!

  2. What a beautiful story Nicole and what a beautiful gift from your friend. The blogging world never stops amaze me.
    xo Tina

  3. OK, I try to stop staring at this beautiful necklace and hurry over to Belinda's blog!

  4. what a terrific birthday package!!!

    don't you have a birthday coming up on the 27th, by the way?

    did you hear that everybody but me dropped out of the giveaway lottery?

  5. That is so beautiful Nicole. What a great friend she is. Wear it well. Take care.

  6. What a wonderful surprise ! It is always great to hear from a friend, especially when you're not expecting to...and a friend bearing beautiful gifts, who could ask for anything sweeter ?

  7. This is sunshine. An awesome piece.
    Pure beauty!!
    Happy Birthday girl!

  8. Zowie! That is gorgeous! What a lovely friend you have, you must be feeling much loved and very warm inside.

  9. What a truly happy piece! I am off to see her blog...wear it in Joy!

  10. It makes me so very happy to know that my little piece of sunshine arrived safe and sound in time for your birthday...and I'm so glad you like it! It is made with love and energy, I hope that shows ;-) Happy birthday, my dear gorgeous friend ♥ B. -xo-


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