Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Today I got up at my normal time so life seems stable. LOL! Yesterday I met with some of my beading pals for lunch. Now I have lived here in Florence for 3 years and from day one I was so fortunate to have met all of the beading people here. OK the story goes, one of my long time customers ordered some of my BeadBacking. She noticed my return address and emailed.
( she had not read the newsletter telling her I had moved from N Idaho) Turns out she lives just 15 miles away. She called all the bead and glass people and we met at the local bead store. What a way to move into a new town! It was fantastic. Right off three of us clicked and have been solid friends ever since. Kelly Angeley, Roma, and Denise Sanders. That started our weekly lunches. Later I met Charmaine Pesnell and she joined out little group. Because of life and limb, (Charmaine broke her leg 6 weeks ago) we have not been able to meet up. We always go to the Traveler's Cove. They allow us to sit for hours to share beading and plus they have very good food. Yesterday was so nice for all of us. Hey the sun even came out for a few hours. Good friends are hard to come by but the beading Fab Five of Florence will be pals till the end.
So who are these gals. Kelly Angeley is an up and coming bead artists that teaches along the west coast and this year will be teaching at Bead n Button. Roma is our sweet and wonderful new beader who is winning competitions with her designs and color combos. Denise Sanders is a renowned glass maker, and of course Charmaine is the winner of the Toho Bead Challenge 2009. and me renowned bead artist, author, designer, and fun gal to know LOL. All great people to have in my life. So who are you good friends? When was the last time you got together? Just as with family it is important to let you friends know how you feel about them.
OHhh I almost forgot!!!! Kelley and Roma brought me birthday presents. I will photograph and post later today.

Here are the Fab Five of Florence
Starting with the lady in pink and going towards the wall is
Denise, Charmaine, me, Kelly, and Roma

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Good friends are indeed one of life's joys. I'm glad you all found each other -- it can make a huge difference when moving to a new place.

  2. It's great connecting with people all on the same wave length. I think that is one good thing about art blogging. We all think somewhat first, housecleaning second or later.

    It looks like you have a real fun group here.

  3. Hi Nicole, gosh, you're very fortunate to have all those wonderful friends that you get to be with, bead with and have fun with! What a way to meet one another, how great is that! I wish I was well enough and able to do things like that myself but being sick I'm not able to share in the fun. However, I have a wonderful family, awesome sons and daughter-n-laws, the best grandkids ever, and great and loving friends that I talk to on the phone that are super and all my online friends that I just love to pieces and that are so special and kind to me that I hold dear to my heart!
    Actually in May I'm about to meet one of them, Kate, she lives in England and will be here in Ohio, I'm so excited about that! We belong to the same Guild together, The Golden Daffodils, or to us better known as the Daffies.
    Thanks for sharing all of this today Nicole, I really enjoyed it! Hope your day is a wonderful one. Bead Happy!
    Hugs and happy beading...

  4. Happy happy Sisterfriend Day Nicole! I love you and appreciate you.
    I am so grateful for the women in my life that love and support me.
    Thank you so much for being one of those women!! Looks like you have some good ones too!!
    Have a GREAT day.
    Giant hugs.
    I am looking forward to seeing all of your lovely Birthday presents too.

  5. Sounds like the perfect day!

  6. Great group picture! Love it. Kerrie

  7. What a treasure our beading friends are! And when they're close enough to meet face to face (or bead to bead, lol) - even better!

  8. So Sorry that Vince is still doing poorly. Sending you well wishes to you Both! Hang In there. I'm thinking of you.

  9. Happy sisterfriend day! I too have a wonderful group of friends that I get together with once a week when possible, for lots of laughter, sharing and even a bit of art gets done;-) It is my favorite day of the week.


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