Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Wow I woke up so late today. I am usually up by 5:30. That is even late for me. Today, however, I did not budge until 8 AM OMG!!! that is like half of my day gone. LOL.
First I want to share with you some beads that I won from Mallory Hoffman. She has some great sites that you just have to visit. Her blog is For the Love of Beads and if you go to her Web site you can connect with all of her stores. Stop by and say Hi to Mallory. Now here is my prize. I had to fight Mike off for some of the beads.

How pretty are these?

Do you like talking on the phone??? I DO NOT. It seems to be such a time consumer, and lasts forever. I do speak to my mom everyday to make sure she is OK. In addition I have been speaking to my brother Vince every day while he is still in hospital. However, yesterday was a non stop phone day. No time to do much and since I am getting ready for shows art is a must. So no art yesterday. In the evening just to relax I made this Spring Green Ring. Very easy to make.

It is a strange variation of RAW

Boy you can tell I have worked with my hands all my life. LOL I didn't realize I had so many wrinkles. I just crack myself up.
So the rest of the morning is getting orders packaged up, off to the post office and then to Old Town to meet with beading pals for lunch.
Wishing all of you a great day with lots of love and laughter.
Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Those beads are totally cool. Make sure you show us what you use them in!! That ring is so pretty. I really like the colors.

  2. What a great prize! I love your ring, my hands show their use. At least I have stopped making my own rings for chainmaille, I used to always have a curve im my left thumbnail where I would saw into it when my mind wandered! At least the thumb itself stayed in tact though.

  3. Yes. It is so hard to fit everything and everyone in and still do our art, isn't it!

  4. How lucky are you to win all of those yummy beads!

    I love the ring you have made - did you use drop beads? Very cute and I love the colours.


  5. I love that ring! Are the brownish-yellowish beads drops? and what a haul you won! have fun coming up with something for them...and don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes we just gotta catch up on sleep when times are stressful, and with your bro in the hospital, more than you realize. Happy Beading!

  6. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog! Your work is truly incredible!! And I love this little ring, do you sell the pattern? I can do bead stitching, and sometimes I like a small project now and then for diversity,. I would love to make one of these!

  7. Love that ring. Your hands show the love you have spread for so many years, they smile.

  8. The beads are really pretty! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I like the ring, too--Wrinkles! LOL, Nicole you are too funny!

    I'll check out Mallory's site!

  9. What a treasure of bright, beautiful beads you've won. Congratulations. Sometimes giveaway prizes are, well, hmm, okay...but other times they are fantastic and it looks like you won a truly fantastic giveaway. :D

    I like your newest piece, the ring has such lovely colors in it and the pattern is very pretty. As far as your hands go, it is a close up shot and nobody but a professional hands model would have perfectly baby smooth hands taken at that close of range...that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)


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