Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi Everyone!
I am very busy today and I am meeting with my good friend Kelly Angeley for lunch. So this will be a quick post. A few weeks ago Mike and I took a drive up coast. There is a beautiful spot that you can pull off, view the ocean, use the hiking paths, or even get a cup of espresso. There are restrooms to use that are very clean and the whole area is well kept. Now you have to know that one of my pet peeves is lazy people. Especially  public laziness. You know, the person who just can't put the grocery cart away so when the wind blows it hits your car. Or the parents that just throw the disposable diaper out in the parking lot, or this
What the Heck

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Recyclables... Maybe they figured somebody would take them and recycle them....

  2. Hee hee, Maybe they couldn't reach the hole? The Little people from Darby o Gill been hitting the Bottle?

  3. Maybe they were trying to recycle?

  4. I have a big problemo with litterbugs. We live way out in the woods and Larry and I both will stop along the roads around here and pick up trash. I can't stand to look at it.
    But at least whoever left those bottles put them next to a trash can. Out here they just sling them out the car window.

  5. It's so perfectly neat, isn't it? A neat litterbug!

  6. OOOH something else we have in common!! :)

    have you posted for MY giveaway yet?

    also listed 2 others from other blogs.

  7. Okay...now I know that this isn't funny but....I can't help myself!! I'm cracking up! Maybe it IS recyclables?? I hope so because this is just too much!! How can you get so close to the trash can..then BEND DOWN and leave it on the ground?? I don't get it! But it did make me laugh!!

  8. gah! yes, that is annoying. maybe they couldn't find the recycle bin? garhhh!

  9. I think the drinker of the beer was hoping they would be recycled, but no recycle bin, so rather than throw them in the trash they left them out where they would be visible for recycling!


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