Monday, March 8, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Today is grocery shopping day....uuuhhhgggg... I could do with out that chore, however, it must be done. We will drive over to Coos Bay and shop there. We have other things to do there so might as well do the groceries too. While I am gone today could someone please help me with linking photos on blogger. Before "they" CHANGED the system of up and down loading photos, I was able to click on any photo in my post and add a link to it. I can no longer do that. I do however, get that annoying pop up blue bubble telling me where I can place the photo. I really do dislike those!!! Oh... I have emailed blogger, however, they are just WAYYYYY too busy to answer any questions for me. So if anyone has the secrete to this please let me know. I am on the road Everyone have a great day!!!!
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  1. Instead of simply right clicking on it, like we used to, now you have to highlight the photo. Put your cursor above it, hold and drag over the photo. Don't have your cursor on a line with any text, otherwise it will get highlighted too.

    Maybe someone else can explain it better.

  2. I wish I could give advice--I chose not to switch over to Blogspot's "new version" so as you mention, I just click on photos, click on the "binoculars" image and enter the link address. How much did they change that basic approach? They don't answer mail but did you try the forums for help? I've heard that's the way to get some attention for problems...

  3. Nicole I have found if you click to the right of the photo the photo will turn blue and then you can click on the link button and add the link.

    I hope this helps. It took me many frustrating days and I only found out by an accident.

    Good luck

  4. Thanks girls. I wasn't given a choice to change they just did it for me. Wasn't that just soooo sweet of them. LOL
    I will try these two methods and see what happens.
    Off to Coos Bay.


  5. I'm too new to help, sorry...wish I could...I'll be following these posts to learn something...I'm not even sure I understand the question, LOL...I am such a NEWB...come post to my giveaway darlling! hope you are having a "good" day.

  6. Is that the reason I've been having troubles with photos? I didn't even know they'd made changes!


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