Sunday, February 28, 2010

Answer to this post BLOGGING

Wow what great comments to this post. I am so glad I am IN the IN when it comes to this topic. I personally would not leave blogging. I agree with all of you, there is a more personal attachment. I feel connected to all of you. So with all of us aging in the groove, hip cats n kittens, peachy keen, groovy, tuff, far out, fab, awesome, bad, bitchin', funky, gnarly, happenin', people I think I will just stay bloggin away.
Hi Everyone!
A question to all of my blogging family. Is blogging outdated??? My two young nieces, Sarah 17 and her sister Leah 15, informed me with all the confidence of teenage girls, that I was old fashion. Geeessss and here I thought I was pretty cool for almost 59 years old. Soooo they proceeded to tell me that I should get rid of my blog and go to facebook and twitter and a few other places I had not heard of before. Now I know many of you do have facebook and twitter accounts. In fact, I have both of those accounts myself. I just don't have time to spend there. Both girls told me that soon there will be no blogging and that I better get with it. Ohhhh I was also informed that I better start texting too. LOL!!! They both are so fun and funny to be around.
So what do you think?
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  1. NO!!!! Facebook & Twitter could never compare to our blogging world. Blogging is here to stay! So much more personal and so many more beautiful things for all of us to share. I believe your nieces are wrong on this one and that is a good thing for all of us!

  2. HAHA You can have all of them.
    I have a facebook account and a twitter account (although I do not really use it)and I am just now getting used to facebook.

    I do not text as we do not have any kind of mobile service out this far, plus I have too much going on, plus I think we are all way too concerned with being in each others business and wayyy to into letting everyone else know that "I'm going to eat dinner in half an hour"...

    It may be cool, but I just don't find too much cool about being available at all times to everyone. I have too many things I want to do that involve both my hands.

    I barely talk on the phone.
    I love blogging. I can work on a draft and take breaks and come back later. I do it at my own pace.

    I say put down the plastic devices that invade our lives. Be creative, make things, help others, relax, spend some contemplative time by yourself and stop being soooo available. That way, when you do come together with your friends and family, you know like physically, you actually have something to talk about because you haven't already texted everything to everyone.

    "You know how to get in touch with me, and I'll get back to you at my convenience" does anyone even say that anymore?

    Yeah...I'm an old phat.

  3. Have a moment to stop by so I thought I'd comment on this post. I'd say your nieces are correct to an extent. Blogging,like so many other things, may one day be extinct...who knows. However, right now it is still going very very strong. Facebook and Twitter..and yes, texting have become very popular and I believe it is a younger generation thing...with others starting to jump on the bandwagon as well.

    My take is this: you should, in some way, participate in all three Blog, Facebook and Twitter at some level. Facebook and Twitter are not for everyone; however, I believe that anyone who creates or has a business and sells their works can reach far far more people by participating in all three. This allows you to reach a greater percent of the population and expand your customer base.

    Keep the blog, but occasionally add a comment to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Let everyone know about your blog and direct them here through the other accounts.

    As for texting...why? When calling is so much easier. lol It's great for many and especially the young crowd where they live, and breath to stay in touch with their friends. They can get unlimited texting for a monthly fee which keeps down the cost of calls and lets their fingers do the flying as much and as fst ss they want.

    All bloggers are not facebookers, all facebookers do not twitter. If you only use one account you are missing out on others who say don't blog, but do use facebook.

    Whew, I think I've said enough. lol

  4. Nicole, they are young and carefree and computerized. Tee Hee. I had Facebook but I too don't have the time and there are just too many people flocking all over you. I don't care for it. I have Twitter and go there at least once or twice a day just to input my thoughts about whatever. I think blogging will be around, maybe in a different format but what the heck would we do without blogging? Ayeeeeeeee! :D Have a great rest of the day. Just keep doing what you are doing. You know, whatever makes you happy. Take care.

  5. This world is changing too fast for my aging brain!

    I hope blogging is here to stay because I really enjoy it. I use twitter, but I have not yet ventured into Facebook. Who has the time to do all this stuff???

    My 20-something nieces tell me I should text too. I ask them, "who am I going to send texts to?" They love to laugh at me!

  6. Oh no, I hope not! I'm just getting the hang of blogging! I do have a facebook account but I must admit, I only occasionally post there. I haven't jumped into Twitter because I can't see me going to the computer several times a day to post 140 character random thoughts. As for texting-I don't, my 17-year-old does, but in my opinion it makes the kids today (did I really say that?)less desirous/capable of carrying on a telephone conversation!

  7. Nicole, I know just how you feel. I am older than you and IF I bead then blog when would I have time for facebook, twitter, emails, and any of those programs out there. I love blogging so much that I feel I have closer contact with my buddies than that of facebook, etc. I have just so many hours in a day how can we spread ourselves so thin that we leave every friend behind.
    Good luck with your decision but I just found you and would hate it if you decided to go elsewhere...Blessings to you, Nicole,

  8. Nicole...I don't think blogging will EVER go out of style. It may not be for the "teenagers" right now but believe me they will one day EAT THOSE WORDS...LOL!!

    So maybe it's not us who are not cool right now but them!!! Rock on my sisters of age...ROCK on or maybe that should be BLOG ON!!!


  9. I hate facebook, and won't even try twitter! FB has all of my family, work colleagues (which can be a problem), friends and a lot of log friends too. Yet I communicate on a deeper level and share more of myself to strangers on a blog. Luckily those strangers have now become dear friends. Blogging feels more personal.

  10. I'm going to give a short answer since everyone else already has - and that is, I don't care if blogging ever goes out of style, I love to do it so I will!

  11. I won't be trading blogging for anything else anytime soon! Besides, I won't let me furbabies have a Facebook account but it's okay if they blog!

  12. I love blogging.
    I want it to stay, it feels more personal to me and I thought I would never do it.

    I do feel that lucky Nicole. Today is a good day!
    It was so easy to miss people in OWOH.
    What a list.
    I am writing you back too.
    Have a great week,
    Love and hugs,


  14. Hi! I too have two nieces but neither make comments about facebook, twitter or blogging...maybe they are out of the loop LOL! I know for my eldest niece, facebook is all about collecting friends rather than networking and the other just doesn't care. Myself, I facebook, tweet and blog. I connect some of my things together so when I make a post it is immediately posted on Twitter too. What I think is really out of date is the Website......I think they now really function as a public portfolio....I still have one but I'm not great at keeping it up. Everything takes lots of time!!! My suggestion: keep blogging, start more facebooking and tweeting. They all are fun and addicting :)

  15. I blog, twitter, facebook, text, talk on the phone, I even still write Thank you cards...oh my! These are all great tools of communication...and there will be more in the future...I am 68 and I love all of these tools...can't wait to see what is around the corner...:)
    Create & Share
    Linda (Okla)

  16. I agree I like the blogging. I have the Facebook and don't really like to get on it.. Seems impersonal, but it does have it's plus side.. and for me Twitter is out, so is texting. If the grand kids want me they know our phone number, or email. I even figured out chatting on Facebook, but don't like to use it.
    I love to look at your blog, and happy that you dropped into say a couple words on mine.. much appreciated.. It is hard to find time for it all...
    The river is back to the main section, and the sand has changed as it does each year. It is always interesting to see what nature has in store for us with the seasons.Hugs, vivian

  17. I blog, therefore I am. LOL! Maybe the really young folk think that blogging is outdated, soon to be extinct. I happen to love blogging, and I've learned a lot from reading other folks' blogs. I'm on Facebook and Twitter, but to me they're for different purposes. And texting? Well, once in awhile - but voices are so much nicer.

    I'm afraid that THIS old fart (that's me) will be blogging into the unforseeable future. And I hope that you will too!


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