Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just a sample of my art gallery pieces

Hello! Here it is Tuesday already and the last day of the month. My art gallery show is fast approaching and I still have so much to finish. On top of that I will be traveling most of the month of April. I am not a good traveling beader. Anyway I finished this piece a few weeks ago thought it would bring the spirit of spring to some of you snow bound people. LOL! Enjoy

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Oh my gosh ...that is so stunning. That must have taken you hours to do.The colors are gorgeous. Wonderful!

  2. WOW!! I am at a loss for adjectives for the beauty of this work of art. Breathtaking,lovely,or perhaps it is "Bead with honor and integrity". I love your work! Carol

  3. It is astounding, Nicole. Truly beautiful...

  4. What a wonderful creation of beauty and color to enlight my eyes!

  5. beautiful gourd jewelry! Love your shading of blues.


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