Sunday, March 15, 2009


Good morning. Here on the Oregon coast, we are in the middle of a storm. The wind is howling off the ocean and the rain is ice cold. The perfect day for a pot of soup on the stove and all day beading. Here is a comment I received on my "Saturday" post
storybeader said...
WOW - no wonder you haven't been on your blog! That's a beautiful piece, and it must have taken you a few months to complete!

As most of you know I am designing and getting ready for a art gallery show. In response I just want to say that my Fantasy Mermaid is just one of four 3-D art projects that I have created and finished in the last 4 weeks. One, I am a fast beader, (Not as fast as I once was. You know age an all.) Two, once I focus in on a project it is difficult to pull me away. Three, when I know I have a dead line I am ferocious at getting things finished. A piece does not leave my work table until it has every element finished.
So how do you work/play with beads? Let me know.

Have a great day hope it is sunny where you are.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Now I am even more amazed & in awe of your beadwork! One of 4 finished in the last 4 weeks!!!

    My main beadwork is making french beaded flowers. I love the color range of beads & how they let me achieve very lifelike results. I have also just started simple beading around cabs. I purchased some of your beading fabric and am really thrilled with it!

  2. I just picked up beadweaving, and finally figured out how to make a rope using peyote stitch directions. It took me all weekend to go from a two inch piece of 6/0 rope to a two inch piece of 11/0 rope. Now I have to make the rope longer!

  3. Hi Ladies. I love French Flowers it is the one bead technique that I have trouble with so I stay away from it. As for Peyote, well I have been beading with that technique for the past 42 years so and it is my favorite stitch so I can work it pretty quickly. Find your rhythm and that Peyote rope will be finished before you know it.
    Happy Beading


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