Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be the 500th Buyer

I am taking a break from mega cleaning my house. Yesterday we had new windows put into our house. Hmmmmm the workers, if you can call them that, blew up shop vac in my living room. The house instantly filled with mounds of dirty dirt. I am sure this shop vac had never been emptied.... ooohhhh until now in my house. Thank the stars we had our computers, TVs and other electronics covered. A huge fan was brought in to suck out the heavy dirt particles, however, for hours after the fan was shut off there was a mist of dust in the air. I immediately put on a mask grabbed my dog and got out of the house. Soooo I started at 7:15 Am and this is my first break. 10:00 AM. I decided to check my etsy store and realized that I am two sales short of a 500 sale mark. Since I am not having fun today I thought I would make it a fun day for someone else. Be my 500th buyer today and you will receive my Galaxy Necklace Beading Kit FREEEEEEEE. Hurry don't let this pass you up. Plus everything is already on sale in my etsy store. The 500 does not have to be exact.
Bead with Honor and Integrity

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