Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beadwright has two WINNERS!!!!

Every month on my website and my blog I have two contest going. Nicole Campanella's Beadwright website has been giving free beads away for 3 years. It is a simple contest of answering a question. So be sure to visit each month for free beads.

Several months ago I started the "Comment Contest" on Beadwright Blog. Make a comment on any of the posts and your name will go into the cyber hat. One name will be drawn each month and the winner will receive beads. What kind of beads ahhhh that is the best part it is a surprise. You never know what you will get in the mail. The more comments you make the more chances of winning. Just so you know, I do not draw the names. I leave that to my daughter who has nothing to do with beads or blogs.

So from my web site the winner is Deon Delange! of Waldport, OR. She will receive her beads next week at our bead meeting.
The winner of the comment contest is Renee of Ragtree. Visit her blog at http://

Congratulations ladies remember to join in again this month.

Bead with Honor and Integrity

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