Thursday, October 16, 2008


The first time any of my designs were published was in 1990. An exhilarating thrill of excitement ran through my entire body. To see the words, "By Nicole Campanella" in print was pretty sweet. Over the years I have been very fortunate, along with some hard work, to have my designs published in six different magazines, several gallery books, online zines, and four of my own books. Now I mention this to say that the excitement of being published has never left me. I still get happy chills that run down my spine. It is so with this excellent publication from the American Gourd Society. I am so impressed with the quality of this magazine and honored that the editors have chosen to use two of my beaded gourd instructions. Each person that I have been in contact with through the American Gourd Society, have gone above and beyond to accommodate me. I thank them for that and for the continuing effort for their organization and magazine. So now take some time to visit The American Gourd Society

Bead Happy
with Blessings

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