Thursday, September 11, 2008


OK, the kids are back in school, all that shopping for new jeans, shirts, shoes, pens, paper, and binders is over. The house has a few hours of quiet, and now you wonder what you should be doing. (Of course if you work an outside job you don't have this problem.) However, I feel like all of us need a shopping day for ourselves so head on over to my etsy store and take advantage of the 20% off sale on all Czech seed bead sets. There are some great fall color sets to get you going on those holiday projects.
After you have done your shopping then go over to my website and put in your vote for one of the Florence Beaded Vessels. Help someone win a $50.00 gift certificate from our local bead shop Waterlily Studios. It's all about having fun and I think you just may be inspired.

Bead Happy
with Blessings

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  1. OMG! I just received the most fantastic seed beads from Beadwright etsy store The prices are fantastic and can't be beat, Thanks Nicole you're the best.


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