Thursday, April 11, 2024

FFO when I take my time


 Welcome To Friday Face OFF (FFO)

This is the place to show off your faces or your face. Post any type of face from any medium. You can create it, or find it in nature, or even that face in the design of you woodwork in your house. 
Human, animal, alien, or monster. 
Hi Everyone! We actually had a few days in a row of sunshine, so of course I have been out in the garden. It's hard to divide my time with garden and art and all of the other things I do on a daily basis.  So this week I decided to just take my time on this face. It is not done yet, but so far I am happy with it. I thought I took progress photos but I guess I was dreaming.
Here is one

and here is where I left off today. I already fixed the eye brown. LOL When I take my time I can layer the shadows and get better value. Still a lot to finish.
A few AI pieces



And a photo of my youngest grandson with his girl friend. Both in college and my grandson is in the military as well.
This weeks feature is Carol from A shutterbug Explores
Now it's time to show me your face.


peppylady (Dora) said...

Lovely faces.

Iris Flavia said...

A great face, I love the eyebrows.
In college AND in military? In Germany so far military is volunteer (that or you work in care), but they think of making it a duty again.
Ingo went, too, but I am glad he is too old now. It is so dangerous. (glad he is too old for firefighter-job, too).
My respect for those who are willing to serve and, awww, such a cute couple!
Happy Friday!

Christine said...

Nice work on your face Nicole. Nice grandson -Christine

Rita said...

Your face is really coming to life!
Love the pic of your grandson and his girlfriend.
I'm glad to hear you are so busy again these days. :)

Valerie-Jael said...

Nice sketches and lovely photo of your grandson and his girlfriend! Happy Friday!, hugs!

NatureFootstep said...

Interesting! It seems that you actually created two faces. :) So interesting I can´t stop watching :) :)

kwarkito said...

I like your amazing works of art

sirkkis said...

Thank you for your interesting post of art and relatives.
I wish you and yours have a great time and a happy weekend xx

ashok said...

Beautiful face sketches Nicole.

Tom said...

...sunny days are happy days!

roentare said...

Your grandson is very friendly looking! The portrait has a humble look this time. Always love your sketches and portraits

David M. Gascoigne, said...

The face will wait - the garden not so much!

Mae Travels said...

I saw a photo of a “real” person that looked just like the AI ones. Maybe she had many plastic surgeries that made her look that way. Nice sketch.
best,mae at

Gene Black said...

I am always amazed at how well you can draw faces. I am sure this will be even more amazing when you finish it.

My name is Erika. said...

Those cheeks on the face you are drawing really give some dimension to it. It's coming along great Nicole and will be lovely when it's done. Have a great FRiday.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The face is coming along beautifully -- those cheekbones!

Fundy Blue said...

Happy Friday, Nicole. I love how your Asian face is developing. The subtle way you created her nose and mouth and in between is awesome ~ so real! But the daisy petals with the faces freak me out ~ lol! I'm glad that you have a a chance to work in your garden, and I hope you share pictures soon. Kudos to your grandson, with college and military service underway. We need positive young people like him! All the best, my friend!

CAAc said...

You do such a fantastic job on your portraits. I love how deep set the eyes are on your faces. Great job on the lips, too. I have much to learn! Have a doodletastic weekend, Nicole!

Rain said...

Your face is wonderful!

Jeanie said...

Your face has a great expression! Happy FFO!

Cloudia said...

I like your art again. May God bless your grandson and his girlfriend. Aloha

Linda said...

The face is coming to life in it's unfinished state.

Rostrose said...

Dear Nicole,
what an expressive face, beautiful!
And it's nice to see members of your family again - wow, even your youngest grandson is already a grown man with such a pretty girlfriend!
You did a great job with your AI flowers!
All the best and best wishes after my blog break,

Lowcarb team member said...

It was nice to see your sketches and that is a lovely photograph of your grandson and his girlfriend.

Enjoy your weekend.

All the best Jan

carol l mckenna said...

Awesome portrait ~ I even like the eyes at the beginning ~ a bit ethereal ~ hugs,

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Katerinas Blog said...

Beautiful eyes little by little the creation comes to life.

Luiz Gomes said...

Boa tarde de domingo e bom início de semana minha querida amiga Nicole. Seus trabalhos e desenhos são maravilhosos.

Violetta said...

This time a bit late...but we were on ski-holiday. You have really a special and own style of your drawings.
And a very nice foto of your grandson and girlfriend.
Have a good time and all the best

Anonymous said...
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baili said...

i am so happy you got your sun out for some days dear friend :)

it's genuine instinct in one for when and which form of art is going to take over :)
gardening is also a form of art indeed and i bet you did great as always

your face isn't finished yet still has power to grab eye balls :)

though shading does much of this job undoubtedly
best wishes and lots of love

baili said...

you have handsome grandson and his girlfriend is Gorgeous !
all the best with his future ventures amen!