Monday, March 6, 2023

T Stands for April's Birthday

 Hi Everyone!

Today I am joining Bleubeard and Elizabeth for the Tuesday T-Party. I am also celebrating my baby girl's birthday. April is 51 today. I really can't believe I have middle aged kids. 
This was taken last year.


 Me, April and her brother, Troy.
 This was just before covid when Troy and April came to visit me.

 I think she was mad that Troy wouldn't get off the phone. LOL A local tavern in Florence.

 It didn't last long though. These 2 are very close. We were at the beach. This didn't last long either it was too cold.

 April and her husband Dax.

 Dax and April. I couldn't ask for a better SIL.

 I don't have any new photos of the kids. They send them to me on the phone and I have no way to put them onto my PC. I don't do phone! LOL

Since it's been snowing, sleeting, hailing, raining and freezing over the last 3 weeks, my seedlings can NOT go into the green house. I had to bring in one of my show tables and set it up with the grow lights to keep these babies alive. They are doing better than I ever thought they would. My art room is cold. No heat in there at all. I put warm water in the sweet potatoes. They really do like to be warm.

Yeah I know, shouldn't take photos facing the window. I just can't get to the other side of the table.

 All of the beans had to be replanted from the starter cells

 The peas are doing great as well.

 2 more pea plants.

Sometimes I just crave hotdogs. I know not the best food to eat but hey.... they are so good.

 Not Der Wienerschnitzel but good just the same. 

Now to get into the T-Party 
I splurged and had 

Be sure to stop by the T-Party to see what everyone is doing.




Tom said...

...I have a new iPhone that I'm having a hard time learning how to use. But I've figured out that if I plug the charging cord into the phone and computer, I can load my pictures.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Nice drink!

My name is Erika. said...

I can understand your disbelief that your daughter is middle aged. Mine is 31 and I can't believe that, so I image it is just even more surprising as they get even older. And your seedlings still look good. And I'm with you about a hotdog. They may not be the healthiest, but you are right, sometimes you just want one. I haven't had one since last summer myself, and your photos make me want one. Have a great T day Nicole. hugs-Erika

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Not only are you a youthful looking person, so is your daughter -- hard to believe she's middle-aged! And hey, I love a good A&W Diet Root Beer every once in a while too.

DVArtist said...

Tom, I have a $45.00 phone that I have had for 5 years. The only thing I want to do with my phone is talk. Maybe once in a while text. I really hate that the phone is now the center of EVERYTHING. I personally don't want that.

kathyinozarks said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter, sounded like a nice time. You have allot of nice plants coming up already. I am holding off til next week to plant perennial seeds in the bottles-no snow here but lots of wind and cold coming in again. That's my favorite root beer too. Happy T Kathy

Iris Flavia said...

Beautiful family photos!!!!
And yes. My Brother does that, too. Sending me pics and movies on the darn phone. Ack!!!

Yay to your planting and say thank you to IKEA.
A hot dog for €1 is a bad idea. We both fell sick from that and I had no hot dog ever since. I think that was 7 years ago.
Sad, isn´t it?

To a happy T-Day.

ashok said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! That's a beautiful windows garden..

sirkkis said...

You have a lovely family, Nicole. Congratulations xx

Giorgio said...

Congrats on your beautiful family, Nicole!
I hope rainy and freezy weather is over ... that's perfect fot you seedlings.
Have a nice time :-)

Rita said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. It is quite a shock when you realize you have a middle aged child--lol! She looks really much younger, though.
Your seedlings look great! Hopefully spring will come soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about grown children. It is difficult for me to believe that I have a niece and nephew that are over 40.

Anonymous said...

That was me, Gene Black…..I can’t seem to comment on some blogs as myself on the iPad

David M. Gascoigne, said...

A friend of mine once said, "You know you are old when your kids turn fifty." How true that is!

Mae Travels said...

Hot dogs! Everyone has a favorite that they should never eat. I sure do too. It’s so hard to eat “right” and who knows if it is worth it.

best… mae at

Jeanie said...

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. She is lovely! (A good hot dog is terrific!)

Divers and Sundry said...

You've gotten a lot done! Those plants are looking good.

Hotdogs are not regular fare here, either, but every once in a while they hit the spot. Happy T Tuesday!

Kate Yetter said...

Your children are beautiful!
Loved seeing the pictures of your seedlings. It's hard to believe that Spring is around the corner.
I like hot dogs as well. Why is it the bad things always taste the best? Although, there are good brands of hot dogs now so I am not as skeptical of the ingredients.
Happy tea Day,

jinxxxygirl said...

Nicole! Love that SF rootbeer!! Let me tell you how i get photos off my phone and onto the computer.. I do it all the time... but i'm not sure if i can explain it right.. When they send you a photo save it to your phone or 'download it to your phone.. Then creat an email to yourself on your phone attaching that photo. Go to your email on your computer. click on the photo and you should be able to drag it across to your desktop.. And there! You can access it to put it on your blog!! Hope that makes sense. Happy belated Birthday to your daughter!! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely kids! My baby is 58. Where did the time go? Happy T Day, Valerie

nwilliams6 said...

She looks so young even though she is in her 50s - probably her spirit is young and she seems so happy. I know you are proud - I am proud for you. How fun to see a picture of you many years ago. Love the little garden start. Stay warm and safe! Happy t-day and hugz

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday to your daughter April. She certainly looks younger than 51. Good genes, I guess.

Your plants are doing well with the new grow lights. And you are getting a head start on outdoor planting, too.

I used to crave hot dogs, too. The problem was, I could eat an entire package in one sitting. Had to give them up because they still don't make any that are plant based.

That is my favorite root beer, too. The only sad thing for me is, there is no caffeine in root beer. Thanks for introducing me to April, sharing your seedlings, your hot dog, and your root beer with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nicole.

Sharon Madson said...

I am not phone smart either. But my son in law helped me get google photos app on my phone. Then the photos upload to google, then I save them to my laptop off of google photos. I am sorry I can't explain it better. I don't have an iphone either, just a walmart prepaid phone, but I think you call it smart phone.
Whatever, I hope that might make sense to you. LOL You have a lovely daughter. Mine is 51, too, and she is my baby. :) Happy T day.

Pam said...

Well, your daughter looks great for 51. My oldest is 42, youngest 35 and I feel so OLD. Merriest Bday to your girl.

carol l mckenna said...

Children become adults so quickly and we grow older quickly ~ Great photos and weather is similar here ~ great seedlings,you have ~ Good to hear from you ~

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Cathy Kennedy said...


Your daughter is lovely. She doesn't look 51. It's hard to believe how fast the years go. If you can email on your phone, then you can probably send the pictures to yourself and then you can download them to your computer. But if not, then have your kids to email the pictures to you.

Our bday season is just about upon us. My two youngest, DS(soon2be 29 and DD#2(soon2be 33) have birthdays in May then DD#1(soon2be 35) in June. The years evaporated on me!

All is well here, enjoying a cooler day today compared to the spring-like temps we've been having. Have a wonderful afternoon, my dear!

baili said...

your daughter is stunning dear Nichole !
she looks happy and this is astonishing that she is having tiger sittiing in her lap ??? if so she is really brave wow !
i am so happy that despite the odd weather your garden is doing great :))) they all look so beautiful and gorgeous .i do have lots of respect fpr people who garden because a heart without love is not capable of it ,it takes time lots of energy and patience to grow plants :)
again i so enjoyed the family photos .
my son sends "link" of his photos that i open on phone by clicking on it and then download the images which i select to share in blogger post, i open dashboard on phone and transfer the downloaded images to post . hope it can help dear friend !
hugs and blessings!

Carola Bartz said...

Your daughter looks lovely and it's wonderful that she and her brother are so close. Her husband looks nice, it's great that you all get along. Your plants look like they're off to a good start, but I know what you mean by all the weird weather we have. I think it's more "normal" for your area (whatever "normal" is), but certainly not for ours. I'm still happy about all the rain we're getting since it is such a big relief to our ongoing drought. I'm not a big fan of the cold, but what can you do? Blankets and big sweaters are my best friends right now. Why does a place called Wienerschnitzel sell hot dogs? It doesn't make any sense.

roentare said...

It is nice to have friends and family visiting. Their photos are warming too. I like these fresh spouts of greens on your pots.

CJ Kennedy said...

Seeing kids get older always makes me think where did the time go? Hot dogs and root beer is making me long for Summer. Happy T Day

Lowcarb team member said...

Lovely photographs, happy birthday to your daughter.

All the best Jan

Empire of the Cat said...

Lovely photos. Can you get email on your phone? If so you open the email on your computer instead. Sorry for the late visit, I'm really struggling with the cold at the moment. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Yes, don't the years fly by , my eldest is 44 soon! It looks as though you're going too have lots to plant out when its warmer. A very belated Happy T Day, Chrisx