Wednesday, September 14, 2022


 Hi Everyone!

There has been a lot of driving for us this past week. All doctors appts. Now it's not that we are sick around here it's that the medical people here are idiots. Remember that pain and strange episode I had starting in June and lasting about 7 weeks. In that time I saw 3 medical people and all 3 really couldn't be bothered. I made an apt with my gastro surgeon and got an appt when the episode was well over with.  He however, was very concerned and set me up for the scan I need weeks earlier. Again another wait. So by the time I get the scan it's normal. He did send me to the heart doctor. Of course my actual doctor only comes to town once a month so I had to see a PA. What a bitch! To make this very long story short. I finally got an appt for a stress test. It is a 2 hour drive to get there. I have an IV and some contrast injected. I get a 9 minute movie of my heart. I go to the waiting room, a nurse comes to tell me they can't finish the test. OMFG!!!! In her explanation she said, "In other words we are covering our butts." I calmed myself as I waited for someone to take the IV out and left for the 2 hour drive back home. If and I do mean if anyone calls me from the heart doctors office I am going to tell them I am done with it. On paper I am the healthiest woman a live. I am just in pain and no one can tell me why. I am so frustrated with the medical here and we only have 1 choice.

OKayyy.... now that you know part of why I have not been blogging the fun part is that I did have my art show on Saturday and I had a lot of fun seeing old friends and selling most of my art. 
We didn't get any wind until we were ready to close up. So that was great.
However, the day before we had smoke filled air from the surrounding fires. These were taken in the morning and by noon you could not see the roof tops.



  I haven't forgotten that this is TADD with Rain and her theme this week is silhouettes.
All old art. The Elephants were sold and the proceeds sent to save the Elephants. This was many years ago.





 I do enjoy creating this type of art.




Now for the DD part of TADD.
I really have been cooking just forgetting to take photos. A few weeks ago we had one of our staples, Pizza.


 Yesterday I made a roast with carrots and potatoes from the garden. It was a chuck so into the instant pot to get nice and tender.

 Blueberry muffins with a crumb but the butter was too soft so it cooked into the muffins. Ohh so darn good.

 I made lemon cookies last week that were a bit dry. Don't ask me why. So I crumbled them up added some butter and made a crust. The added Lemon pudding. OMG good!

This is already a long post so I will show more next week. For now be sure to stop by Rain's to see what she and the others are doing.
Don't forget to join me for Friday Face OFF.



Tom said...

...I'm sorry to hear of your problems with doctors. My doctors are all topnotch.

Christine said...

So sorry about your health issues being in pain is no good.
Lovely art and the food looks so good.

Christine said...

Sorry to hear your health news being in pain is hard. Lovely art and the food looks delicious.

Iris Flavia said...

Do you find medical people who are not idiots?
With my hurting ankle only doc #11 (eleven!) could help and he sadly now only takes care of private patients.
I could go on and on...
I hope you find your #11, and soon - they cannot finish a test, 4 hours driving for nothing?!

Yay for your art show-success!
And I love your art!

Pizza - I´m in! And great idea with the dry cookies!

Valerie-Jael said...

Soory for all the troubles getting medical treatment, it seems like a nightmare, I understand your frustration and anger. But so glad you sold your art at the show, that was great!. Have a great day, Valerie

David M. Gascoigne, said...

That whole medical charade seems like an exercise in total frustration. A third world country could do better. If you weren't experiencing stress before you certainly would be afterwards.

Gene Black said...

Medical care is so crucial. And yet, when you have to travel to get any care it can be a horrible experience.
I am sorry you had such an experience.
I think I would have asked if they were going to cover my travel expenses as they didn't fulfill their end of the bargain.
I fired a very competent MD who simply couldn't manage to get to his office to see appointments, yet has a sign out front that says "If you are more than 15 minutes late you will have to reschedule!"

Debra said...

Have you been tested for Lyme disease? I don't know if you have ticks out there, but that disease is hard to pin down and can be very frustrating to diagnose. It can cause pain and other weird symptoms.
I have had a go around lately with health care providers-it is not fun at all. Love your art and so glad you did well at the sale.

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble accessing actual medical care. Pain is hard when you know what's causing it, but when you can't track down the source it's even worse :(

I'm glad your art sold so well.

The food looks delicious!

Jeanie said...

I hear you. Medical things are so frustrating. If it's any consolation (and it wouldn't be to me) the first time I went for my stress test they couldn't finish either for whatever reason. Very annoying! It must be particularly difficult, though, living in a region where you don't have your docs closer at hand and must wait for one to arrive.

But that's good news about your show and the art. (And I love your elephants and such!)

Luiz Gomes said...

Boa tarde minha querida amiga Nicole. Desejo melhoras e recuperação total da sua saúde.

Mae Travels said...

I hope your pain soon goes away without any help from all the useless professionals! It’s great that you sold all your art. I love the piece that I bought from you some time ago. The purchasers are very lucky.

best..mae at

Gillena Cox said...

I choose the pizza. Happy Thursday and thanks for dropping by my blog

Carola Bartz said...

The health care in this country really can make you weep (which of course doesn't help). Why the heck couldn't they finish the test? What is going on? That is so lame. And you probably have to pay an arm and a leg for this "service".
Your silhouettes are beautiful, I love all of them. I'm glad that your art show went so well, but oh that smoke! So far we have been lucky this year and I hope it stays like that.

sirkkis said...

What a shame your medical people are not good enough to solve your health problems. I really wish you feel better soon!
Your sale looks great and I love your ornaments and other art pieces.
Happy weekend xx

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

You are so cute or maybe I should say funny when you are angry. Have you tried a Pain Doctor? Yes, I know, another doctor and another none answer ... until it's not. You must keep trying because somewhere there is a brilliant, possibly woman, doctor who will know what is causing your pain. Don't give up, let your anger drive you for more answers. You might think about Mayo Clinic. They thrive on the unsolvable. They have a clinic in Arizona, I know, and maybe there are others closer to you ... just a thought.

Great that you sold so much art and ugh that you are near forest fires ... where do you live again? I love your silhouettes especially the elephants and your food all looks delicious. I think you and Rain must share a pizza gene. I love that you salvaged your lemon cookies and created a yummy desert. Anyway, enough said. I do hope you are feeling better and that you find a solution to your pain.
Just a note ... this is the 4th time I have written this comment. I lost it once by going back to check something on your post so I did it again and it somehow ended up in Carola's comments, which she kindly let me know so I did it again and Blogger erased it as I was writing it. I finally closed everything down and started from scratch. I will post this now and fingers crossed it ends up in the right place :0 Life is anything but boring, right?

Andrea @ From the Sol

carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful silhouette artwork ~ Xo

Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days ~ Xo

A ShutterBug Explores ~
aka (A Creative Harbor)

NatureFootstep said...

oh, boy, it is soo sad but I had to laugh at your experience. It is exactly the same over here. The waiting list for the tests doctors send you to is soo long so you are healthy long before you get an appointmen to do the test. Maybe that is the way they are shorten the queues? So stupid.
Hope you are OK by now. :)

Love your animal art :)

craftytrog said...

Your medical care sounds awful Nicole, I hope your pain goes away soon.
So glad that the show was a success and you sold lots of your fabulous art.
Hope you're having a good weekend.

baili said...

I found commenting really hard dear Nicole.

Heartfelt sorry for all the trouble your medical people gave you and I thought it happen here only.

Sometimes pain belongs to mind only. I can't claim that you are facing same issues but I have worked since many years to deal with fake pains through yoga and meditation. Such pain would rise occasionally when I have to do something like my leg would start aching right few moments before walk. Many other things like this.
Your food and art is divine as always.

Giorgio said...

I like the fixed expression of the portrait. And great collection of fairies.
Have a nice weekend, Nicole :-)

Giorgio said...

Post script: sorry to hear your problem with regard to medical treatment, Nicole!

Fundy Blue said...

I'm sorry that you are having such maddening problems with finding medical care, Nicole. And you're being in pain only makes it worse. I hope you get some answers and some relief soon. I'm glad your art sale went well. Your silhouettes are beautiful.