Tuesday, October 19, 2021

T Stands for Booster

Hello Everyone!
There is always so many good things going on 
over there so be sure to stop by.
Yesterday, Mr. M. and I got our covid booster vax.
No reaction, other than a tiny bit of soreness at the injection site. People around the world have believed the down right lies about covid and vaccines. Thus making it a political call.
 Giorgio at Easily change  has an interesting post on what is going on in Italy. Today in the US the police force across the country has a deadline on getting vaccinated or loosing their jobs. It is happening in other sectors of the work force as well. In one state the Union for the police told them NOT to get vaccinated. So what happens after the deadline if the government gives in and doesn't fire these people? On the other hand what happens if millions of law enforcement are fired? Chaos either way.

Now for something a bit happier.
Sometimes I feel like I need extra hands 
to get everything done during the day. Ha ha ha.
I was able to can 7 quarts of pinto beans last Saturday.
Yesterday I found 3 cases of pint jars on sale. I will put them away for next year.
It has been soooo cold in the mornings. So instead of turning on the heaters, I bake.
chocolate chip for Mr. M. and with the same batter raisin and cran-raisin for me. Mine didn't cook all the way through so I had to turn them on the pan and cook 2 extra minutes. Hey ugly cookies are just as good. LOL
And to get in to the T-gangs party today here is my drink.
Ice cold beer

I hope whatever you do today you give it your best.
If you don't think the delta variant or covid 19 can hurt you, 
YOU ARE WRONG! Protect yourself and others. 
Get Vaccinated and Wear a MASK! 
Honor and integrity in art, in life. 


Magaly Guerrero said...

I got my booster shot a few days ago, too. I'm still baffled by people not wanting to get vaccinated at all, especially law enforcement and other first responders. I think you too correct, the next few weeks will be rather chaotic.

And yes, we all need an extra hand (or three). Also, I might have to trying your delicious warming technique. :-)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beer and cookies, yum!

kathyinozarks said...

well I posted a comment but blogger is having issues it says

Barbara said...

Im loving your alien-looking critters these days! Just think how many cookies you could bake with all those hands. Chocolate chip are my downfall, ugly or not, doesnt matter!

Christine said...

Yummy on the cookies! Cute creature today.

https://linsartyblobs.blogspot.com said...

It must be very useful having six arms and hands at times but just think how hard it would be to make clothes to fit. My husband gets his booster tomorrow, I have to wait a little longer.

Linda Kunsman said...

I could use extra hands at times too:):) Yes, cookies are delish whether or not they are pretty to look at. And now it's gotten colder here too even with the heat on I do a lot more baking and using the oven. Happy T day!

kathyinozarks said...

I love home canned beans-I need to get my canner out this winter and do a couple batches. I like to do allot of pints and a few quarts. so nice to have your own and these are getting expensive per can too.
Happy T wishes

Tom said...

...I'm waiting for my Moderna booster.

Lowcarb team member said...

There are certainly times when we could do with more hands ... I like your sketch.

All the best Jan

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Love the fact you were still canning last Thursday. I suspect that may be the end of things, but I'm sure you have enough food to last all winter. Cute drawing. You seem to have many hands in the fire, anyway, so it is probably appropriate. Thanks for sharing your beer, your drawing, and your canning with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nicole. BTW, I have learned they will be offering the J & J booster here in the coming weeks.

My name is Erika. said...

Its been chilly here too. And I can't still can't believe how people are so against a vaccine. They often contradict themselves too, especially when it comes to kids. If only more people had become vaccinated life would be better now, at least covid wise. I hope you had a nice T day and enjoy those cookies. They look yummy. Hugs-Erika

Sharon Madson said...

Your pinto beans look good. Great find of the jars for next year. Happy T Day.

Spyder said...

I need extra hands too! Love the pic. Some of our 'carers' over here in England are not having the jab and are being told, no jab no job too. and we are VERY sort of nurses and carers; We've had both our jabs and are now waiting on a call to have the booster. (and also the flu jab) love the cookies...I'm eating one now! I'm running late so I'll say Happy T day..have a great week and keep on crafting! (Lyn)

Mae Travels said...

You find the most practical ways to put away food for winter! I would never have thought of canning my own beans.

best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

J said...

We are due our flu vaccine and have heard the booster will be starting next month for 80 year olds first so that’s good news although I’m hoping they don’t do them together as I always feel bad after them
Love the cookies, my baking never looks perfect but they still get eaten
Have a great week

Valerie-Jael said...

I get my booster in December. Love your extra hands. Happy T day Valerie

nwilliams6 said...

The covid struggle...the vax should have been required from the start but our world is so politically charged these days. Urgh....

Canned pintos sound and look super fun!

Love the alien or monster - the eyes are fabulous and we could use another arm or two. God knew best though - we would all have two cell phones or laptops or something and get into double the amount of work or drama...lol.

Ugly cookies ARE just as good (sometimes better).

Happy T-day, Nicole!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

I am not sure that booster shots are even being considered here.

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Great looking art and food.

Giorgio said...

Thanks for the appreciation, Nicole :-)

Unfortunately, Italy sinks again into the dark: if reports are accurate, police are using tear gas on protestors at Trieste, as Italian workers strike against Vaccine-Passport tyranny. This isn’t democracy in action this is tyranny. The right to peaceful protest is a human right.
Many people around the world stand with Italy.

With regards to your post, I wouldn't mind a glass of that ice cold beer :-)

Have a nice time, Nicole :-)

Kate Yetter said...

Baking sounds like a great way to warm up the house. And I agree, it is about hw they taste not about how they look!.
Love your sketch this week and your pints of canned beans.
Happy Belated Tea Day,

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm planning on getting my annual flu shot this week. My 3 shot Covid-19 series in done. I don't think we'll miss public safety professionals who have such disregard for public safety.

Those cookies look delicious! I have stew on the stove and will freeze it in one-cup portions when it's ready.

Jennifer Rose said...

i just felt a bit run down from the booster other than that, nothing big

CJ Kennedy said...

No booster yet as we got the Moderna shot. Mmm, cookies.

baili said...

warning for firing worked here for all govt employees and warning for almost social boycott worked for others who were making excuses to avoid vaccination .though it is slow process until now .

your bean look cool wow ,yes i too get anxious when daylight leaves early and many chores remain undone .
cookies look tasty and drink is cool in cold weather now that is cool :)

Carola Bartz said...

No booster shot on the horizon for me at the moment. It's kind of crazy that we can get a booster shot while there are entire countries that don't get enough vaccine for their population. I also don't understand why someone is against the vaccination (other than mediacal reasons which I do understand) and why this entire pandemic had to become such a political issue. Common sense has left this country and we will never get out of this if anti-vaxxers continue their current behavior. - I agree that having more arms would be quite helpful at times. I don't stop being impressed by your canning, I think it's fabulous.

pearshapedcrafting said...

We get our booster this week. I didn't realise that there were so many anti - vaxers around. I hope they see sense but there are so many lies being spread that I suspect they will still be conned into thinking that they shouldn't. Well done for your canning.Your cookies look great to me! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

Empire of the Cat said...

Some extra hands would be really handy some days wouldn't they. Sorry for my lateness Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx