Saturday, September 18, 2021

Garden and Recipe Saturday

Good Saturday to you all! 
It started raining last night and is pouring right now. First rain we have had is 4 months. So I am happy to have it.
The outside garden is done for the year as you know. The GH still has one tomato plant and 8 pepper plants. But like last  year some of them are taking so long to produce fruit. The pepper are there but the nights have turn cold so they are slow growing. Except for the poblano and the cayenne peppers. 
A few flowers are holding out and I am sure after this rain there will be more.





Since garden days are coming to an end I will be sharing a recipe on Saturdays. This one is for David Gascoigne 
over at Travels With Birds blog. David had commented that both he and his wife had not seen canned potatoes before and what did I do with them? 
First off canning potatoes must be done in a pressure caner. 
I follow Pam from RoseRed Homestead. She is a professor, and researcher and I believe a scientist. She has the most informative canning instructions, 
oh she has been canning 50 years.
David wanted to know how to use the canned potatoes. Last week I make a potato and sausage dinner. I did not take photos. I simply cut up then cooked the sausage, on the stove, until almost done. Then add that to the potatoes in a pan that can go into the oven and baked until the sausage was done. You can add a gravy or tomato sauce to this.
Last night I simply placed them in a pan with a small amount of butter and grapeseed oil and fried them.
David you can add these to stews, soups, fry, bake, air fry, or eat them out of the jar. 

 Russets pre cooking

 Red potatoes. No pre cooking

Sweet potatoes. Pre cooking 15 minutes.
Wishing all of you the best Saturday.
If you don't think the delta variant or covid 19 can hurt you, 
YOU ARE WRONG! Protect yourself and others. 
Get Vaccinated and wear a MASK! 
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Canning is a lot of work and you really need to know what you're doing in order to prevent botulism. I remember watching my Mom can veggies when I was a little girl. I've never attempted it myself.

    1. Debra, I don't find canning a hard work at all. As long as one stays with tested recipes and follows the time and PSI the food is safe.

  2. ...I'm still picking tomatoes and peppers.

  3. your harvest is absolutely cheerful dear Nichole :)

    glad you had rain after four months ,we too had a bit of rain many months ago five or six i believe still no chance .

    thank you for sharing how you can your potatoes ,this sounds easy to me though due to extreme heat we hardly use canned food here .

  4. Boa tarde Nicole. Infelizmente aqui no Brasil sofremos a consequência de pouca chuva. Sou apaixonado por pimentas, as flores são muito lindas e as conservas parecem ser deliciosas.

  5. Lovely flowers... Have a great weekend Nicole

  6. I'm sure David will be happy to have your recipe! You have done wonders in your garden this year! Have a great weekend, Valerie

  7. Thank you, Nicole. This is wonderful information and I very much appreciate that you took the time to explain all of this. You are a woman of your word! Many hugs. David

  8. You are such an expert with canning!

  9. Nicole,

    The recipe using the potatoes with sausage sounds really good. Do you have recipe to share?

  10. Oh wow. I was interested in canning potatoes until I learned you need a pressure cooker, something I've never owned. However, I am sure your canning methods will keep you eating like a queen all winter long.

  11. Mother did some canning. I remember her pickled peaches with special fondness, and she made wonderful blackberry jam. I've never tried it.

  12. What you do, great for canning the potatoes. Yes, autumn is starting for me too and it's good that the rain is for your garden.
    I'm a little tired and also listless to blog, that's why I don't participate anywhere, that will also get better. Painting is also slow.
    I wish you a happy new week!
    Greetings Elke

  13. Your garden was beautiful, and you make use of everything. I love your pictures too.

  14. So glad you got rain. And thank you for sharing your blooms and your canned yumminess.

  15. I just love the Cosmos plant! My seeds did not germinate this year, so I have to be without :( It's dry here too. A little rain yesterday wasn't enough.

    Happy Sunday!

  16. My veggie garden is about done for the year too. I have never canned my own potatoes before, but I have used commercially canned ones in soups before. I'm curious, what is the liquid in the can with the potatoes? Hope you had a nice weekend. Hugs-Erika

  17. So pleased to read you had some rain... very welcome :)

    All the best Jan

  18. Lovely harvest of tomatoes and peppers. Pretty blooms, Thanks for joining in Garden affair.