Tuesday, July 27, 2021

T Stands for Everyday Doings

 Hi Everyone!

Today T stands for just everyday doings. How full are your days? Do you get up early and go go go with household, art, cooking, and other things? Or do you sleep in and gently meet the day, taking one thing at a time?

I am and always have been the up early and go go go. 
Yesterday was even more of a go go go day.
Orders sent out, house cleaned, portrait art set up for my SIL's birthday, blueberry/strawberry mash made for jam, harvested lots from the garden, dehydrated cucumbers, and made hummus. I really like hummus but not from the grocery store. I like making my own.
It starts like this, make Tahini in the food processor.
Add hummus ingredients with lots of seasonings. I added cucumbers and OMG! Sooo good!!!


 Chic peas and cucumbers

 Cucumber Hummus.

 Dehydrated cucumber.

Playing with color

 WIP She is almost done.

Today is another go go go day so here is my drink to join in the T-Party.

Mr. M. saw this cup and bought it for me. 

I love it.

 artists are doing.

No Matter What Your State or Country Says Be Safe Out There And Protect Yourself. Not Everyone Without A Mask Is Vaccinated. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life. 


Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful post

Divers and Sundry said...

I'm still having some issues with insomnia, so although I set my alarm for 8 I'm always up before then. I get dressed and go out onto the patio to check on things and enjoy the space. I water then if I need to. Then I'm inside for my morning cup of coffee and to check out news and FB and blogs and e-newsletters. I'm afraid "house cleaned" rarely figures in lol I love your new mug. Great design! Happy T Tuesday

kathyinozarks said...

Hi I do love your cup-a special gift.
You are like me we have always been early risers and then get going on projects-always grateful for projects even at our ages now-keeps our spirits up Happy T wishes Kathy

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your new mug and the food looks delicious. Happy T Day, Valerie

Lisca said...

I suppose I'm a get up and go girl too, only I don't like to get up too early as we go to bed late. I always make a list, so I get to do everything that needs doing. Invariably I run out of time. But then on Tuesdays I have a bit of a lie-in and take it as it comes.
I sometimes make my own hummus, if I have another use of the chick peas. Our chick peas come in 500 gr glass jars and I only need a quarter of that for the hummus. But I have never put cucumber in it. I will definitely try that.It sounds very yummy.
Lovely cup by the way.
Happy T-Day,

dmZapp said...

Nicole, I am just insane over your new art piece, omg! And thanks to Mr M for seeing that cup and getting it for you. Nice and cool looking.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

There are days I also go, go, go, but mostly I work at my own pace. Some days it's high speed, and others it's working on art only. You get a lot done in one day. I have made hummus before but I've used my basil. Tons and tons of basil to go with the garbanzo beans and tahini. I like that you used cukes, because that makes perfect sense, since you have so many of them.

LOVE that new mug. It's a work of art. Thanks for sharing your incredible art, your hummus, and your lovely new mug with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nicole.

Tom said...

...I just picked my first cucumbers this morning.

carol l mckenna said...

Great activities and well spent time ~ Your sketch is divine ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

My name is Erika. said...

I almost always wake up quite early (like 5) but I enjoy reading for an hour or 2 in bed before I get up. Once I get up I am like you, I get started right away. Your day is full, as mine tend to be also, but I must admit, I do like a break to read again in the afternoon. (and maybe even a little 20 minute nap). Happy T day.

Crafting Queen said...

Lovley painting and drawing. You have been busy. Anesha x

J said...

I’m a get up and go but not before drinking my cup of tea in bed, usually out and about by eight am
I love your mug
Hummus isn’t something I every buy but I have tried it
Happy T Day

Hot guys said...

We're the same, Nicole 🙂 I get up early, too &, it feels good & natural 👌🏻

Unlike me, you really do know your way in the kitchen 😛

Lovely cup btw, & so is the drawing 👏🏻

Linda Kunsman said...

yum on all the garden produce and hummus! Your portrait is beautiful, and that is a great looking mug. Happy T day!

Jennifer Rose said...

i am not a morning person at all, never have been. geeting up early for uni was hell lol

David M. Gascoigne, said...

You know, we always used to make our own hummus, and we should get back to doing it. We have been buying it at a local Lebanese store where they make it on site and I have to say it is delcious.

Let's Art Journal said...

Loving your homemade hummus and I have a dehydrator so I'll have to try the cucumber too - yay! Loving your drawing and colourful page, and that new mug is gorgeous too 😁. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

Magic Love Crow said...

I have to admit, I am a go go person, but sometimes it's hard, when the other people in the house aren't! LOL! Your painting and drawing look amazing! I would be eating so much, if I was at your house! LOL! Big Hugs!
(Nicole, usually, when I click on your name, like after you have commented on my blog, I can connect to your blog, but now I can't? I have to go to my reading list. I hope that makes sense with what I just said! LOL!)

Sharon Madson said...

I do get up early and walk. But I do not go, go, go. I am retired. I can't go, go, go anymore! LOL Kudos to you on all your do. You are only young once. Enjoy it! Your art is amazing. Happy T Day!

Iris Flavia said...

WOW. That´s a lot of go-go-go!
Usually I get up 06:25 (when I worked 04:40) but Ingo is on holiday and we try to take it slow.
What do you do with cucumbers? I just cannot imagine (we have a dehydrator we so far only made Jerky with). Have to really try the hummus...
Love your art again :-)

nwilliams6 said...

I am a go/go/go person too until I run out of steam and then I spend a weekend in PJs reading or watching TV to recover. Love all your creations and now I totally want to try dehydrated cucumbers and making my own hummus! Fun stuff. Love your drawing and those paint colors are so high energy!!! Happy T-day (and every day).

Giorgio said...

Making hummus your own is better than buying it from the grocery.
I like your drawing ... considering the shape of the face and lips, she seems a black woman. Isn't she?

Have a nice day, Nicole!

Kate Yetter said...

A busy day for you for sure! All the food looks yummy and healthy.
Happy Belated Tea Day,

Debra said...

Now I should have known that you would actually make your own tahini!!! Making hummus really is easy and sooo good. I'm an early riser too-morning is the best time I think. I love your drawing.