Thursday, June 10, 2021

TAD with Rain In The Water

Hello and good morning.

All week I was getting prepared to create some art for TAD. Rain's theme this week is, "In the Water" Some how in my old, feeble brain I just read, "water".
Ya know, with nothing in it. So you  will have to imagine all of the things that are in the ocean. Or I guess one could say, "There are waves in the water"
To comply with the theme I have some old art.
Reflection in the water
My Nan, always took very good care of her paint brushes. In fact I have quite a few of her oil brushes that I still use. They are over 100 years old. My Nan lived to be 104 and painted up to her last days. So, yes the brushes are that old. One of her tricks was to clean the brushes then give them a soak in backing soda and cold water. Here are my brushes 
in the water.
To see what all the other artists have created stop by 

No Matter What Your State or Country Says Be Safe Out There And Protect Yourself. Not Everyone Without A Mask Is Vaccinated. 

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. My favourites are waves and reflections in thevwater
    Happy Thursday. No food on this date?


  2. Lovely images and art on the theme. Reminds me of how I recently mistook a theme and did candles instead of candies.

  3. I love your water contributions! Great that you still have the brushes from your Nan! Have a great day, Valerie

  4. Nice waves! And clearly, artistic talent runs in your family!

  5. That fits well with Rain's theme, nice the waves and the old brushes, which are still good from your grandma who has gotten so old, great!
    The old works of art are beautiful too.
    You have everything ... I always have to be careful what Google translates for me, sometimes it is crazy too.
    Hug, Elke

  6. Brushes in the water is a great idea Nicole, and I love your paintings!
    Hope you're having a good week,
    Alison xx

  7. Gosh Nicole, if I'd been playing this week, I would have made the same mistake, too. You found some wonderful pieces and those brushes are out of this world.

  8. Gorgeous ocean painting and old one is great too ~ Love to hear about your Nan ~ Xo
    She taught you well ~

    Live in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Your paintings are so good! I love the ocean one....the black and whites are wonderful too.

  10. Wonderful paintings, love the first one. Anesha

  11. ...brushes in the water is clever.

  12. Boa tarde Nicole. Obrigado pela mensagem sobre a água.

  13. i loved your way of contributing theme dear Nichole :)

    your art is captivating !

    thank you for sharing about you grandma who managed to create art throughout her long life which means she had good hold on her brain :)

  14. First one's very much dreamy! 💙

    And the other 2 are mysterious & kinda creepy... which I enjoy as well! 🖤🤍🖤🤍

  15. I'm imagining _me_ in the water, so I'm looking on this as an invitation ;)

  16. Well there are things in your water and your artwork is beautiful. I am so impressed with the condition of your brushes and what a clever idea your Nan had. I can't even imagine 100 year old brushes especially if she used oils and acrylics ... I use only water color paints and my brushes don't look that good :) You are so right about staying safe. I always wear a mask even though I am fully vaccinated ... better safe than sorry, right. Stay well, Nicole ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  17. 100 years old!! may they live another 100!

  18. The biggest WOW to your Grandma and the brushes, oh, you sure treasure them, amazing, I never thought of such good quality (and care) existing!

  19. I love your paintings and take on the theme. The first painting made me smile. I have shots from Morocco that looks exactly, almost, like that one. :)

  20. I love your waves and the one with the reflections. I also love your old brushes, the baking soda tip is interesting. Elle xx

  21. Nicole that is a great trick for cleaning the brushes! I'm going to do that. I also plan to live to at least 104. :) Your paintings are gorgeous, but I have to say that reflections one with the buildings is my favourite! :)