Thursday, February 18, 2021

TAD 29 Faces and food

Today is Thursday Art Date with Rain. This month has been different themes on film and actors. You would think this would be an easy month for me but I have struggled and have been challenged. Rain's point. LOL 
I will also tell you that I had to drive into Eugene yesterday so my time for art has been shorten. I drew this, kind of, representation of Amy Schumer. Don't be too hard on me I did this in 35 minutes. 
Also this is # 18 for 29 faces.
She has that crooked little smile.
Since I didn't blog yesterday here is # 17 for 29 faces.
Mr. M. says she is wild eye'd. OK.
Do you like broccoli soup?
I do, and make it as often as I can. I make small batches because Mr. M. doesn't like broccoli. REALLY??
This is an easy recipe. Remember I don't measure.
In a pot melt some butter, add some onions and celery and cook for about 5 minutes. Add cut up broccoli and 1 potato. Add more butter if needed. Cook and stir for about 5 minutes. Add veggie or chicken broth to well cover the broccoli. I add garlic salt, dill weed, parsley, a bit of thyme, pepper and 2 heaping T of plain Greek yogurt. You can use sour cream too. Bring this to a boil making sure yogurt is mixed in then turn down heat and allow broccoli and potato to cook. Then turn off heat and allow to cool down a bit. Pour this into a food processor or blender and mix unto desired consistency. I like it with small chunks. Now it is ready to eat. Re heat if needed.

Please stop by Rain's to see what others have created and to see what Rain is doing. 
Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. We do indeed make broccoli soup, somewhat similar to the one you describe. Like you we don't often stick to a recipe - but it's always good. And we both enjoy it so that makes it even better!

  2. It's weed I know but I love broccoli soy but don't like to eat broccoli on its own. Our recipe is very similar to yours but with the addition of lentils, green or brown.

  3. ...I like broccoli soup, but it's something that I rarely have.

  4. Lovely faces today! I will be trying your broccoli soup thanks!

  5. Oh, look, it’s in a beautiful pot too. I’d make that, but right now it’s too cold to rummage through my over stuffed and disorganized freezer to find broccoli.....dank cold and “mixed precip” has arrived, I’ll take the snow any day over this. But the soup is tempting, maybe if I put gloves on....... LOL. HAPPY SOUP DAY.

  6. Yes, she does have a crooked little smile!
    Nice faces both.
    Soup looks good. I'd probably use sour cream--yumm! :)

  7. Beautiful! Especially the second!!!
    Oh. 35 minutes. Hmmmm. Not really my time-range, LOL.
    Broccoli-lover here.
    I hardly measure, also. Yoghurt, good idea!
    Bet you´d have a good laugh at mine today. Rather skull-related, though.

  8. Those are again successful faces and sweet the crooked little smile.
    I like the soup and it tastes so delicious!
    It's good that you struggled so hard, even if it was difficult, I hope that the new week will be better for you!
    Hug Elke

  9. love yoru faces. And, no, I am no fan of broccoli! Never was.
    Take care!

  10. I think I can see Amy Schumer, yeah 💛

    The 2nd drawing... the girl is so pretty! 🤎

    And yum at the soup, looks tasty & healthy! 💚

  11. I would have never thought of garlic salt. I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing the recipi.

    The eyes' expression of the 17th face is marvelous!

    All the best!

  12. Well, I just happen to have a cup of Panera's Broccoli cheese soup in my refrigerator and now that you have peaked my taste buds, I know what I am going to have for lunch. As for your drawing of Amy Schumer, you captured her likeness beautifully, including the crooked little smile and in only 35 minutes. It takes me much longer and I never really capture what I want in a portrait. Well done, Nicole ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  13. Both these faces are so pretty! Well done!
    Thanks for the soup! Big Hugs!

  14. Soup looks good, and I like broccoli!
    The faces are fun! Both!
    Sorry for being late ... I was very busy!

  15. Btw, yeah, I remember you've got migraines sometimes too. 😏

    Can be really messy. 🙄 Pills can help. Relaxation maybe, too. 🤷‍♂️

  16. We love broccoli in our house and your soup looks tasty.

    All the best Jan

  17. Nicole your faces are really nice. I had to look up Amy Schumer and I think you did a great job with her face and that smile! :) Broccoli soup, haven't had any in a while. I have leftover cauliflower and broccoli, I think I'll make a soup today. I don't normally measure either, just wing it and usually it turns out amazing! :)

  18. You have a faces factory :)
    Thanks for the recipe - I'll try this!

  19. I've had broccoli cheese soup, but it's been a while. Delicious!