Wednesday, January 13, 2021

TAD With Rain Birds and Sky& PPF

I can't believe it is time for Thursday Art Date over at Rain's. 
This week flew by. With the storm my back fence broke. We were luckier than some in town though. My repair man will be here tomorrow or the next day to fix it. 
Today Mr. M. and I got a new bed delivered. I know once we get use to the mattress our backs will feel better.  I have 3 art projects going and all are only partially finished. With that I will get to the birds and sky. Of course why would I have new art to show. My life just seems so busy and I am afraid that art gets  put on the back burner. Oh and google has my text all over the place.

Part of my Black to White Series


You know how I love abstract.

some of my weird car art.


Older art. I can't remember when I did this. A few years back


This was on a greeting cards I made with beadwork. We are talking 1990's



I call this my crazy eye bird.



One of my very early paintings.

 This is the "Eye of the Raven"


Negative space art



Almost all of these paintings have been sold especially the abstract birds.


Some of these I have forgotten about.


This is a piece of Raven art. She used to sit in my front window.


Last but not least one of my beaded raven patterns that hangs on my art room door.

Well I think that is a good selection and fits the theme. Head over to Rain's to see what all the other artists have created.
Also linking up with PPF
 Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask
 Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Some absolutely fabulous birds here! I especially like the bonneted woman with the hawk, the heron and bamboo, and your beaded raven pattern.

  2. Wow, wow, wow! I absolutely love, love your incredible birds, especially the abstracts. However, they are all great and the leather piece with the beaded raven may be my favorite. You have created an excellent selection, dear Nicole.

  3. I like your beaded raven, some very varied and pretty paintings here - the white bird with the sparkly crown too is beautiful.

  4. loved all of them...lovely works!

  5. You are really very talented, all those different styles and techniques are amazing, too.
    Certainly I love the ravens best. Awww, really, she sat in your window? Did you tame her?

  6. These are all wonderful works, what great design ideas, whether with color or with pearls. Super posting on the topic. Good thing it was just the fence and nothing more.
    Take care, hugs Elke

  7. Fantastic art, I love the birds Nicole!
    Sorry to hear about your fence, I hope it's fixed soon. And I hope your new bed and mattress helps your backs.
    Keep safe,
    Alison xx

  8. Wow wow wow , beautiful! 👍👍👍❤️

  9. Those birds are so lovely, Nicole! 😉 I think my fave has got to be the first, black one. 🖤

  10. Nicole,

    Your work is super impressive. The black and white series bird is wonderful. The weird bird art, especially the human bird, is quite interesting. You do play outside the crayon box,don't you? Is that a real bird sitting in your window? Is her name Raven? But, she's not a raven, right? Obviously, I don't know my birds. Stop by when you can to check out today's illustrations. Have a doodletastic day, my dear!

    Curious as a Cathy

  11. Fantastic! The beaded raven is stunning. The eye of the raven made me say Whoa out loud! very cool. I really like the drawing of the women with the eagle or hawk too. It's all very beautiful to see. Enjoy the weekend ahead!

  12. ...ah, to be able to fly with the birds.

  13. OMG lovely pieces. Your eye of the raven is gorgeous!!!

    Happy Thursday


  14. All of your art is beautiful but my favorites are your birds.

  15. Wonderful bird art! Stay safe, Valerie

  16. Your life sounds so familiar ... busy busy all day long and by the end of the day, I don't really know what I was so busy doing. You have many birds in your art especially the Raven. I love the Raven and have only seen one when I was in Switzerland. Here we have many crows and I love them as well ... so smart. Loved all of your art Nicole and enjoy your new bed. There is nothing better than a good night's sleep :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  17. Lovely art including the birds. Glad you survived the storm, mostly.

  18. Bravo on your sales. It has been years since I have sold a thing. Your work is fantastic.

  19. Rain's blog has introduced me to a number of fine artists and craftspeople. All of them just delight me with their dedication, originality and skills. Nice work Nicole.

  20. Sorry about your fence Nicole! I hope you and your hubby enjoy your new bed!
    Nicole, loving these paintings! I don't know if I could pick a favourite? Eye Of The Raven is pretty cool and so is your beaded Raven! Big Hugs!

  21. Wonderful pieces, love the textures in your art. Anesha

  22. Hi Nicole! :) You always have such a nice display of art pieces, so many beautiful birds! I love the beaded raven, that's beautifully done! I always say, your black and whites are my favourites and I love the negative space pieces too! Crazy eye is great! :) I know what you mean about the time flying by. When I write the ends of the posts and talk about next week's theme...I get all panicky because it makes the time seem too quick!!! :) Oh a new bed...I'm envious! We need one too, our mattress is so lumpy with all the pets using it as a bed the last 5 years!!! :)

  23. Fabulous art work, especially love the birds.
    Keep safe.

  24. Amazing pieces! My favorite is the leather beaded raven. Bead embroidery like that is tedious and time consuming, but it can also be relaxing. It’s wonderful!

  25. such a super variety of art and styles. I really love the perspective in the drawing with the bird on the tree and the fence. Speaking of fences, I hope the repair will last through any new storms that may come along. happy PPF!

  26. Red and green is really good combination to get attention, I like that pic.
    We have an old raven couple living near by but can't see nor hear them this time of year.
    Happy this year! :)

  27. Wow! Lots of creative art here ~ hard to choose ~ suffice it to say ~ You are one talented lady ~ but it wasn't you who drove the mini in the flooded street I hope???

    Moment by moment......

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  28. I just love all the bird art! Especially the one with the hooded female and the raven!

  29. I especially like that leather piece with the feather. The raven pieces are striking.

  30. all are great in different ways. Hard to choose a favorite, but I think the Raven eye is the one. Somehow it is special :)

    Hope your fence is fixed by now :)

  31. Lovely sketches! 1st, 4th and 9th are my favourites! :)

  32. Wow, that's lot of bird art! Especially love the lady with the eagle. I think I remember her, but can't recall when you shared or made her. The beaded raven is also beautiful! Ah, those beading days! Happy PPF!