Thursday, November 12, 2020

TAD Thursday Art Date with Rain & AEDM

Hi Everyone!
Her theme this week is Points and dots.
 I am also adding this to AEDM with Leah 


Acrylics on canvas.



Merchandising there is an acronym P.O.P 
Point of Purchase. It's how to display items to sell. This corner wall is across from the next photo. A good P.O.P. My drums that I made and play, I used to teach drum making.


Even thought the art
I display in my home is
not for sale, I still have
Point O. P. lock in my
brain. LOL Gourd masks
Leather sculpture.


The main wall. When I took this photo I realized I forgot to hang a painting.


So I fixed it. This wall is art from me, my mom, and a friend from MT.


Spice cake made with sweet potato, no butter or oil. Fresh out of the oven.


A light glaze and Mr. M. is in heaven. LOL


This is my SIL. 22 years US Marine. Station in VA.


My beautiful daughter. They don't have children so they opted for Great Danes.
Yeah I'm a proud Mama. 

I hope you stop by both AEDM and TAD to see what the artist have shown today.
Be Safe Out there  
 Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Hi Nicole! :) Firstly your daughter and her hubby are a beautiful couple! And wow...Great Danes! I love them!!! I want some...I want every dog lol...for now 3 is enough though! I love your art wall and the POP is interesting! The drums are so fantastic! What a great skill to have. Your glaze has me drooling!!! :)

  2. You have a beautiful daughter and SIL. And beautiful artwork on your wall.
    Your two "points" is what I try to achieve when I take some shots. It is called BOKEH :)
    Take care!

  3. Lovely spots and points, you have a pretty daughter! Valerie

  4. Nice your point pictures!
    How pretty the couple is and the great mastiffs are cute. A fascinating wall with the drums and other things. The cake that reaches up to me is great, delicious.
    The memory wall, that has to be.
    I always say you are an extraordinary great brave woman!
    Have a good week, hug Elke

  5. That spice cake, yum! Lovely art Nicole and you have a beautiful family.

  6. ...I like the Native American influence.

  7. What a great amount of photos and art today. I like your dots. They are clever.

    My friend Joseph and you would get along well. He also builds drums. He used to hold classes for kids, showing them how they can make inexpensive hand drums and other equipment for drumming. I'll have to show some he's made one of these days. I really LOVE yours. Beautiful, as well as feelings of native American and old west.

  8. Boa noite. Parabéns pela excelente postagem. As obras de arte são maravilhosas.

  9. I made my own drum nearly 25 years ago in a workshop in Winnipeg. It's deer skin with a cedar wood ring. I've drummed with it for many years, including the 13 years that I facilitated a women's drumming circle here in Edmonton. Your drums look lovely!

  10. A wonderful selection of art, I love your drums, and your daughter is beautiful Nicole!
    Alison xx

  11. You have some beautiful artwork in your home. I am really interesting in making gourd art. I need to read more up on it. And you should be proud of those people beautiful. You have a really lovely family Nicole.

  12. Love the acrylics - and the drums are interesting!
    Beautiful pics of your family.

  13. I like that dots piece. I'm intrigued by the drums. I can hear them in my mind :) The spice cake looks delicious. Happy belated Veterans Day to your vets! I met a great dane once. He was bigger than me but quite the calm gentleman. Stately dogs :)

  14. I love the painting and can't imagine doing the dots in acrylic ... awesome. Your whole post was fun and before I go on, please thank your SIL for his Service! We owe them so much and tend not to live up to it. Your, daughter is, of course, beautiful and they make a sweet couple. Great Danes ... I love all dogs (animals actually), but a dog that size would be a little overwhelming for me. Your kids seem to have it all under control though so more power to them:) Not too many years ago, I went to a drum concert of a group who played African drums ... it was amazing and brought out the instinctual rhythm of everyone in the audience. We just couldn't sit still in our seats. Love your drums and actually all of your art pieces. Your life seem to be a delight right down to the yummy food you prepare for Mr. M ... I hope things are good where you live and you and your family are able to stay safe. We are experiencing a spike again where we are so we have to hunker down. I look forward to more sane times ... Be well, Nicole ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  15. Nice art piece, Nicole!

    Your wall displays are so lovely and interesting! Your tribal-type drums and gourd masks are beautiful!

    That spice cake looks delicious!

    Great Danes are such noble-looking dogs. I can see why you would be a proud Mama. Lovely photos.

  16. Ah, love your drums! The one you mae for me still hangs on my wall and I take it off every now and when and do a little drumming, thinking of you and honoring Mother Earth. And no, you didn't miss my dotted bird, as I posted late and missed adding my link to Rain's page. Too late again. *LOL* Have great day!

  17. Nicole,

    I'm pulling my hair out a bit. I continue to struggle to get into the groove of everything in Blogosphere. *sigh* I've concluded that I'm just gonna have to take it easy the rest of the year. Do what I can and what doesn't work then move forward. I don't want blogging to ever feel like a chore. Your points and dots are colorful. I like that. Your design could be used as a bokeh effect - cool job! Yum, spice cake! :p Thanks for visiting and again, I'm sorry for being so late. Hugs!