Tuesday, November 24, 2020

T for Tuesday and AEDM

Hi Everyone!
It is also day 24 for AEDM.
First my drink. See this cup? Well of course you do. I really like the color of this cup. Three of my favorite colors. I also really like the shape of this cup and the size. What I don't like is where the handle was placed. It feels too low and in the wrong place. So I don't use this cup very often. The other day I grabbed for a cup and this was in my hand. Good for my morning hot water. Just not my fave. 
My favorite color chocolate, brown and beige

I made some Japanese Mile Bread the other day. I cut the dough in half
to make a small loaf of bread and some sweet rolls for Mr. M.
It works perfectly.

There is nothing like home made bread and soup.

Now for art. To answer a few comments on how I work. 
When I show you the final sketch, I have spent a lot of
time to get to that point.  I take a many measurements 
and each part of the face is drawn in sections to get the lines
just right. They are not always exact, but close enough and I do make many
changes from the original picture. I use to have a proportional divider tool 
but for the life of me can't find it. 
Calipers, a ruler, and the rule of drawing faces is how I work. 
Also a good eye, a steady hand and good graphite pencils. 
I am still learning and every draw teaches me something new
I didn't get much done on her yesterday but it is coming a long.

I also tend to make faces look older than they are. 
Something I am working on.
Any tips on that, I would like to hear them.
Be Safe Out There and Wear A Mask.

 Honor and integrity in art, in life. 


  1. Good morning, I love handmade cups and mugs but I agree sometimes the handle is in the wrong place and not comfortable to drink from.
    Happy T wishes Kathy

  2. ...looks good, but I eat too much bread!

  3. That soup and bread looks delicious Nicole, and that is a lovely mug. I love a pottery mug, and my favourite is brown and beige with some blue accents.
    Your sketch is coming along well. I'm definitely not one for measuring, unlike you.
    Take care,
    Alison xx

  4. Your bread and rolls look beautiful.My husband (our bread maker) tried a recipe for Japanese milk bread a few weeks ago, and it was delicious.

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  5. It's an interesting handle placement, that's for sure. It puts it clearly in the black area, though and I like that. The colors and design are nice. The bread and soup look delicious. Happy T Tuesday!

  6. Cute recipe and interesting post ! Thank you very much )

  7. Nice coffee and cakes! Happy T Day, Valerie

  8. I have never heard of Japanese Milk bread. It looks wonderful. I bet it tastes great. I totally get you and that mug. It is really pretty, but now that mention it, the handle even looks a bit low. And the face is coming along. It is already great but is coming along fantastic. Happy T day.

  9. I have that problem too when I'm doing a serious drawing of a face -- kids end up looking like adults, and adults end up looking like seniors! I don't know what it is all about, either.

  10. Oh yum- homemade soup and bread-I could use some right now:) Yes, that handle does look lower than the norm for a mug. I enjoyed reading about your process for drawing portraits, but personally I have gotten far away from preciseness in my art:) Happy T day, and happy Thanksgiving too!

  11. The bread and rolls looks fabulous. I also like the color of your mug. I don't draw well especially real and I took a class. We were given a picture of a woman and told to copy it. The picture was a young woman, but mine came out as an older woman. Since I was a lot older than the woman in the picture, I guess I just drew my age. Happy T Day

  12. You are a perfectionist I think Nicole, at least in your art. The mug does look like the handle is too low. But I love large mugs. Your milk bread looks so good.

  13. Loving that mug too, the colours are fabulous ­čśÇ. Wow, your bakes look amazing - so delicious! Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  14. I agree the handle on the mug looks too low, but I like the colours of the mug. Your milk bread looks delicious :)

    Happy Mid-week Wishes.

    All the best Jan

  15. mmmmmm that bread looks almost too good :)
    Can´t help out with the age process in your drawings as I am lousy at sketching myself. :)
    You will do fine.

  16. I am afraid that I am the wrong person to give any art tips. :) I agree about homemade soup and bread. I made the best cream of potato soup this week, but didn't make any bread.
    I usually will make homemade muffins to go with our soups or salads. I made homemade blueberry muffins frequently and bran muffins with different fruit in them.
    I hope you have a great T Day!

  17. A great serving of food and art. Thanks for dropping by my blog Nicole


  18. She´s coming alive! Great to see the progress! With explanations, too.

  19. Oooh that bread & rolls looks divine! I love hearing how artist's process. It's like a peek inside.

  20. oh that bread looks so good. Do you knead it? That's where I get hung up now, bad back and not so good counters covered in tile!! Your work is so thoughtful. I like hearing how you approach it. Faces fascinate me. I often think why does a woman look older, what makes her appear older, especially with all the plastic surgery being done. It is subtle... it doesn't take much to make someone look a bit older, and it is a real issue in quilted art, the stitches can really age a face but you must quilt the fabric. This is something to really get into, the study of faces and appearance. Thanks lots, and happy holiday

  21. I've never made Japanese milk bread. It looks yummy. As do the (what I assume are) cinnamon rolls.
    Your drawing is beautiful. Yes, I knew about all the measurements. I have been to art classes many years ago, but I can't quite remember. I'd love to take up drawing again, but you know, I'm retired, and as such don't have time!
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  22. Those sweet rolls look delicious. I agree: that mug handle seems too low. Nice sketch. Happy T-Day!

  23. The mug is lovely, but yes, the handle is in the wrong place. It must feel tippy and awkward when you drink from it. Since you love the colors, why not use it in your art room for brushes or pencils?

    The milk bread looks like delicious soft dinner rolls. I found a recipe at King Arthur Baking. Sadly, it calls for instant yeast, which I can't get here in Mexico. I'll search some more. Surely a traditional Japanese bread wouldn't have started with instant yeast way back when.

    I wish I could tell you how but, I always seem to draw portraits as younger than the person. Maybe it's because I draw mostly family members. So I always have a younger version of them in my head. Actually maybe that's a tip for you. In your head, picture the person as younger than he/she is now.

    To answer your question on my post, no I didn't have to quarantine, because I hadn't seen Juan for three weeks, because our church was closed.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  24. I love the look of your mug but can imagine it being awkward to drink from! The milk bread looks delicious - I shall be looking for a recipe. I have made attempts to draw faces over the years but most end up looking like cartoon characters!! Belated Happy T day, Chrisx

  25. I adore soup with bread...YUM!

    Your 'face' is looking lovely!

  26. Your food looks so good!!!!!
    Sorry, I have no tips for faces. I say, just keep going! LOL! Big Hugs!