Thursday, November 19, 2020

AEDM day 19

 Hi Everyone!

Today is AEDM day 19.
I have had this 30x30" canvas waiting for me to tackle it for quite sometime. Yesterday I was ready. I always had a black and white abstract in mind for this canvas but when I got it up on the easel a different feel came to me. For me abstract is very personal. It comes from deep within me. I know some people who create abstract by simply throwing some paint on the canvas 
without any emotion or intention to it, and that is fine. 
Everyone creates differently. With my abstracts they have to speak to me. 
I started like this and if anyone knows me at all, blue is NOT a color I like or work well with. So I was surprised when this is what I picked up. 
I even said it out loud.
This painting went through a bit of metamorphosis. 
A lot happened before I got to this point.
In my mind I was thinking soft gentle colors and then something disturbing.
A bright red to stir the soul. However, it wasn't there. The blue was 
disturbing me. ha ha ha
So I put on a clean clove and let loose.
Yes, all of this is done with my hand.
Here is where I am now and I feel better with it.
Here is a close up.

As I look at this on my PC screen, it fills me, it's done.
This will go on my abstract wall in my living room.
How do you create? 

Be safe out there and wear a mask.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. ...I lie the green and yellow best.

  2. I loved the blue, but it is my favourite colour, though blue violet is more the right colour. Love the way you describe your process. I never thought about it but I suppose that is where I start from. I choose colours that speak to me at the time and work with them. Good job we're all individuals and totally unique, lol - I would rarely use the colours you ended up with. I may have a go at the finger painting...I quite fancy that.
    Blessings. Cath x

  3. Thanks for sharing your moods in process. Well done
    Happy you dropped by my blig today


  4. Wow! It turned out beautiful Nicole!
    I like my abstracts to speak to me too.

  5. I love the green one at the end. Just a hint of red and blue in it :) I am glad you are done!

    How I create? It depends on what I work with at the moment. Is it a photo or some painting. I mostly have something in mind. A photo I want to work with or some colors I want to work with. Then I see what happens. Like you I stop when I have something I like. It´s done!
    Take care.

  6. 30x30 sounds big to me. I love abstracts, and doing an abstract piece that large using your hand sounds like fun :)

  7. Wait, did I get it right...all photos are of the same painting?? Amazing! I guess I do the same at times, paint in layers.

  8. This turned out well! Stay safe, Valerie

  9. I didn't mind the blue with splashes of red but it seems your aversion to blue won out. hehe I'm the opposite as I love blues. :) I do love the final piece you did though...full of interest and depth. It feels more natural and free-flowing. Beautiful work! :)

  10. Boa noite. Amei todas as pinturas, fariam sucesso numa exposição no Brasil.

  11. I liked seeing the progress of the piece. I think you are very good at expressing yourself with color.

  12. Didn't this turn out well :)

    All the best Jan

  13. Beautiful colours and movement Nicole!

  14. I like following your process her Nicole. The end result is fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh Nicole, I am so sorry for being so late visiting. I was SO sick last night, I didn't even link up for at least two hours. Still not well, but feeling guilty, so wanted to stop by and admire how amazing your art is today.

    WOW, that really morphed into something totally different, didn't it? I like the final product, though. It's wonderful. I also sometimes let the art decide what it wants.

  16. Funny, I just wanted to ask you how you work, if you use an easel. We used back then for the sketches of fellow students, but at home it feels odd to me.
    Do you sit or stand?
    I like the outcome of this work very much.