Saturday, November 14, 2020

AEDM day 14

Hi Everyone!
We made it through the storm yesterday but today is supposed to be worse. We will see how it goes. Yesterday the Gvn of my state of Oregon, put us on 2 weeks of more Covid restrictions. I watched the entire news cast of her and doctors speaking. The "shut" down makes no sense to me. My state was one of the lowest in covid cases and Gvn Brown opened us up to tourist and now we are 1,200 a day in covid cases. We are supposed to stay home, but restaurants and bars have until the 18th to get food stored things taken care of and they can still do take out. (We are supposed to stay home so what good is take out? Also bars don't have takeout.)  All indoor and outdoor gatherings up to 6 people from 2 different households, gyms are closed and a limit of capacity  for stores, pharmacies and churches.  Schools and day care will stay open. All state and county parks are closed,  There is more but the best part is she is finally giving the police the authority to give tickets or arrest people who do not comply. It's about time. I had a PT appt. on Monday for my back but I canceled it. I am doing fine with the exercises I am doing at home. This is a mess world wide and I don't know if it will ever end. Give me your opinion, your gripe, or your worry, about covid. I know so many people including my family who thinks it is just BS and think I am stupid for staying protected. 
Now for art.
This is day 14 for AEDM with Leah
 Because of all the gray, misty, rainy days I have a misty painting. 
Lavender in the Mist. Acrylic on canvas.

I also worked on my drawing. I have the eyes a little more open than the photo and there needs to be more tension in them but it's coming. I just want to keep this one slow and on the go. 
Ohhh one more gripe. Blogger deleted some of my post, and my sidebar functions don't work. For Granny Annie and others blogger won't save your blogs to my sidebar. I tried to find info on google and some having the same problem had to resize their photos and things started working. I am wondering of the grid I put in for photos has messed things up. WELL IT SHOULDN'T I have been doing the grid for years. New blogger eerrrrggggg.. 
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Oh Nicole. I truly LOVE the lavender in the mist. I wish MY lavender hadn't all died. Yours is truly amazing. And your painting/sketch is coming along beautifully, too.

    I'm having trouble with Blogger, too. I tried to add Rain's blog to my right sidebar and it wouldn't let me. I thought it might because I had too many other blogs, so tried to eliminate a couple that are very old. DIDN'T WORK. I'm not sure what you mean by grid, but I agree the sidebar problem isn't going away anytime soon.

  2. A beautiful misty painting Nicole, and the drawing is looking lovely.
    Sorry to hear about your new restrictions. Here in England, we are on lockdown again, with non-essential shops, bars and restaurants all closed. We're not allowed to mix with other households, but we can meet one other person outside for exercise. It hasn't really changed for us, as I'm still shielding because of my health. I'm fine with it now, apart from missing my kids of course.
    Keep safe,
    Alison xx

  3. love your how your portrait is coming. I noticed your opening the eyes a bit, I like that :) And the Lavender is beautiful.

    We have more restrictions in Sweden as well. After an almost "normal" summer and early fall they closed down a lot in Sweden. So, the library is now closed, a place I often visit. At least I can order books and pick them up in a safe way. Almost everything is closed down, more or less. It´s boring. Grey weather on top of that is not fun. I can´t see the wildlife I am used to.
    Take care!

  4. Looking at my lavender bouquet in an aqua vase, shows our minimal snow we got overnight.... hooray for us lavender lovers, great minds etc. Hope your weather improves, ours is bright overcast with snow decor. Donna

  5. Love your sketch so much. Will put you on my sidebar also.

    by EAGHL

  6. Love your misty painting, and the portrait. Yes it is a pain with Covid, but I would rather not take any risks, I feel the lockdown is too late.

  7. PS...also love your misty lavender painting!

  8. We need a short shut down here in New Hampshire because our numbers are rising quickly also. Just to reset. My husband is immunosuppressed so I have to be super careful too because I don't want to bring it home to him. It's overwhelming and scary. But it is still surprising that you go out and people won't wear masks. Beautiful misty painting for today also.

  9. Hello Nicole! Lovely to see your beautifully painted lavender... such a gentle painting and a soothing colour.
    About covid, our capital city, Melbourne, has just come out of a lockdown and the number of infections dropped. There were some who ignored it but the contact tracing people worked wonders, as did the police in enforcing the state of emergency powers of our chief medical officer. We in the regional areas had very little infections but were also subject to mandatory mask-wearing etc... something we had no problem doing. We miss seeing our children, of course, (in another State) but can cope by knowing that where they live there are no infections so they're safe. We're elderly so even though the lockdown has been lifted and there is a surge of people coming out into our areas, we'll wait for another few weeks to see how things go. A lot of people are now wearing masks on their chins(!!!). Its a scary thing and horrifying to see the huge numbers in other parts of the world. Keep on keeping yourselves safe, its down to each of us to act responsibly isn't it. All the very best, Sue xx

  10. Lovely art update. I think masks work for now. They are tightening up the rules in Toronto as cases skyrocket.

  11. My next dr visit will be my first "tele-visit". Sounds iffy. We'll see. I'm staying home except for quick grocery/necessity runs. We sometimes get pick-up food from restaurants, and we order then get it brought to the car. That works.

  12. Firstly, your lavender painting is absolutely beautiful! I love the delicate soft feel you captured.

    Secondly, we've been very lucky in Australia. Our government acted quickly and brought in restrictions quite early, closing borders too. The outbreak in our southern States was caused more from people coming back home from overseas...they did not quarantine properly. Up here in Queensland, we have done really well. Our borders were closed even between the States. Queensland has a population of just over 5 million and, since Covid hit, we have only had 1,185 cases and 6 deaths.

    I worry for America. Personally I feel that the US pandemic has been terribly mismanaged by the President and his administration. I really do pray that a more positive change is coming when the new Administration takes over. It's looking pretty scary there right now and it will take a lot to get Covid under control.

    Lockdown, social distancing, frequent hand-sanitising, and masks DO work. We also have a very good system of contact-tracing here. If we go to a restaurant, cafe, hair salon, etc., we must leave our name and address details via a QR Code digitally, even now when we have nearly no cases. When cases were being detected earlier on, the government released a list of all the places, including dates and times, where the infected people had visited so we were aware and could get tested if needed. Testing was easily available also. The only cases we hear of now and those returning from overseas and they go into hotel quarantine for 2 weeks.

    This pandemic has sure changed how we do things and I wonder if things will ever go back to how it was pre-Covid.

    Stay safe and well, Nicole. xo

  13. Lovely painting...liked the mistiness you have captured